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Dean's Welcome

Through my time here at Washington University, as well as my involvement with institutions in Washington DC, I have come to appreciate the close link between research and teaching, and how, from a biologist's point of view, knowledge cannot exist in isolation.

Barbara Schaal

I have had the privilege of talking with many students and faculty and I’ve learned to appreciate the breadth and depth of Arts & Sciences. I‘ve learned that the so-called “divisions” which define our academic organization – the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics – are in some sense historical legacies of the Academy. These groupings reflect areas of knowledge that have existed since the foundation of the university in the eleventh century. But today our academic enterprise transcends these ancient boundaries.

Arts & Sciences has a deep responsibility, both to this university and to society. Our ambition is to provide a distinctive experience for our students and our faculty, to be strategic and selective in establishing our priorities, and to learn together, to discover together, to create together, to heal together, to innovate together, and to lead.​


— Barbara Schaal, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
and Mary-Dell Chilton Distinguished Professor of Biology

For Our Alumni

The Arts & Sciences Alumni Network provides information about current initiatives in Arts & Sciences, volunteer opportunities for our alumni & friends, alumni resources, and news articles on notable students, faculty, and alumni.

You'll also find events for the Arts & Sciences community and highlights of the achievements of our outstanding alumni and students.

Who We Are​

The College

The mission of the College of Arts & Sciences is to provide our 4,000 undergraduate students with an extraordinary liberal arts education, one which will cultivate their passion for learning and discovery. While their interests and careers may change, their educations will prepare them for whatever awaits.
The College of Arts & Sciences is the largest academic unit at Washington University, and every undergraduate student - regardless of their school or major - will take several classes in Arts & Sciences during their time on campus.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is committed to fostering excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service. In so doing, the Graduate School ensures that our masters and doctoral candidates fulfill the core mission of a research university.

University College

University College is the evening, professional, and continuing education division of Arts & Sciences. University College plays a major role in meeting the educational needs of the citizens of St. Louis, developing new programs of study to meet the evolving demands of the local job market, and providing a world-class venue for those pursuing a variety of professional and personal educational goals.

Hold that th​ought!

Arts & Sciences faculty research fields spanning disciplines from Classics and Linguistics, to Polit​ical Science and Chemistry.  Sometimes their work can seem esoteric - so we asked some our faculty and graduates to condense their work to make it ready for a new audience. You.

​Alumni Bookshelf

Our alumni are leaders in their fields.  Many of them have taken that knowledge and used it to publish works of literature, policy analysis, and core subject matters.
The Arts & Sciences Magazine

Arts and Sciences Magazine


A&S Magazine, the annual publication of Arts & Sciences, features the scholarship and achievements of our faculty, students and alumni.

Articles in the Spring 2014 issue focus on chronic pain, privacy in the modern era, how testing can be used to teach, and the future of journalism.  The magazine website also includes exclusive web-only content like the Arts & Sciences student photo competition that generated our cover photo above.


Visit the A&S Magazine website to read the publication and exclusive web-only content >>

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