​Dean's Medal

​Past Award Recipients

​The Dean's Medal is awarded to special friends whose dedication and service to Olin Business School have been exceptional. By providing wise advice, pursuing high objectives, and generating the enthusiasm and support of many others, these friends have made significant differences to the School. Special friends of this caliber greatly enhance the School's progress.


​Anheuser Busch Companies, Inc. (2003)

​Mel* & Sue Bahle (2008)

​Carol & George Bauer, EN'53, SI'59 (2012)

​Carl L. A. Beckers* (1998)

​Frank J. Bush, Jr.* (1998)

​William H. Danforth (2018)

​Nicholas Dopuch* (1995)

​C. William Emory* (1989)

​Olin Foundation (2001)

Barbara & Bob Frick, EN'60, MBA'62 (2015)

​Oliver Goralnik*, BSBA'30 (1987)

​Elaine, LA'60 & Stuart Greenbaum (2006)

​Sidney Guller, BSBA'47 (2011)

​Mahendra R. Gupta, PhD & Sunita Garg (2017)

​Edward Jones (2010)

​Judith & Jerald L. Kent, BSBA'78, MBA'79 (2009)

​Charles F. Knight*, GR'96 (Emerson) (1993)

​Joanne, GR'96, GR'10 & Charles F. Knight*, GR'96 (2012)

​James T. Little (2016) 

​Richard J. Mahoney, GR'12 (2014)

​William J. Marshall, BSBA'70, MBA'73, GR'77 (1997)

​W. Patrick McGinnis, MBA'72 (2007)

​Marge & Arthur* McWilliams, BSBA'49 (2004)

​Hubert C. Moog* (1988)

​James O'Donnell, BSBA'74, MBA'74 (2005)

​Marion* & Vernon* Piper, BSBA'35  (1990)

​Melba Seay* (1992)

​Alvin J. Siteman, GR'00 (1994)

The Skandalaris Family (2002)

​Armand C. Stalnaker* (1991)

​The Stern Family (2002)

​Gerry & Robert Virgil, MBA'60, PhD'67 (1996)

​John Wallace, Jr., MBA'62 (1999)

​Roger Weston MBA'67 (2013)

​Joyce Wood, BSBA'76, MBA'77 (2000)

​Howard Wood, BSBA'61, GL'13 (2000)



* Indicates deceased

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