Distinguished Alumni Awards

​Past Award Recipients

​The Distinguished Alumni Awards honor Olin Business School alumni who have attained distinction in their careers. Those being honored share the characteristics of leadership: progressive thinking, high standards, uncompromising integrity, commitment, courage, and confidence. Their careers serve as models for all Washington University students and alumni. 

​Lee Abraham, BSBA'49 (1990)

 Paul F. Jacobson, MBA'78 (1992)

​Anne (Cook) Anderson, MBA'02 (2016)

​Jerald L. Kent, BSBA'78 MBA'79 (1999)

​Stan A. Askren, MBA'87 (2008)

​S. Lee Kling*, BSBA'50 (1989)

​J. Eugene Banks*, BSBA'30 (1993)

​​Paul A. Koch, BSBA'61 JD'64 MBA'68 (2012)

​Paulino Do Rego Barros Jr., MBA'91 (2013)

​Roger L. Koch, BSBA'64 MBA'66 (2012)

​David Becker, BSAS/BSCS'89 MBA'89 (2007)

​Alfred S. Koh, MBA'83 (2014)

Robert W. Beck, BSBA'86 (2016)

​Gunther N. Kohn*, BSBA'50 (2000)

​James K. Berthold, MBA'62 (1996)

​Nina Leigh Krueger, MBA'94 (2017)

​John D. Beuerlein, MBA'77 (2011)

​Shelley K. Lavender, MBA'03 (2015)

​Gulab H. Bhatia, MBA'96 (2015)

​E. Desmond Lee*, BSBA'40 (1994)

​F. Gilbert Bickel III, BSBA'66 (2005)

​Joon Bum Lee, MBA'61 (1988)

​Jack B. Biggs Jr., AB'69 MBA'71 (1991)

​Lori Mason Lee, BSBA'88 MBA'89 (2016)

​David T. Blasingame, AB'69 MBA'71 (2005)

Steven F. Leer, MBA'77 (2000)

​Terence E. Block, MBA'73 (2010)

​Terry L. Lengfelder, BSBA'61 (1991)

​Joseph M. Blomker, MBA'90 (2002)

​Lewis A. Levey, MBA'67 (2006)

​Zachary Boyers, MBA'01 (2018)​

​​Wei-Shan Lin, MBA'76 (1992)

​Harold A. Brinner*, BSBA'38 (2002)

​Lin-Kuei Jackson Ling, MBA'04 (2006)​

​Bill Broderick, MBA'76 (2017)

​Katherine Busboom Magrath*, BSBA'63 (1993)

​Harvey M. Brown, BSBA'48 (2002)

​William J. Marshall, BSBA'70 MBA'73 PhD'77 (2005)

​John G. Brunner, MBA'89 (2010)

​Theodore R.P. Martin*, BSBA'49 (2003)

​David L. Campbell, AB'81 MBA'81 (2008)

​Munir Mashooqullah, MBA'98 (2018)

​William W. Canfield, MBA'62 (2001)

​Nancy J. Mattson, MBA'78 (1995)

​Bruce V. Carp, BSBA'67 (1990)

​W. Patrick McGinnis, MBA'72 (1993)

​Carl M. Casale, MBA'92 (2007)

​Jack C. Meng, MBA'68 (1995)

​Hal M. Chase*, BSBA'26 (1989)

​Steven B. Miller, MD, HS'91 MBA'02 (2015)

Shirley Cunningham, MBA'08 (2018)​

​​Wade D. Miquelon, MBA'89 (2014)

​John F. Dains, BSBA'68 (2013)

​Dave Moellenhoff, EN'92 MBA'94 (2017)

​John F. Danahy, MBA'85 (2001)

​Merry L. Mosbacher, MBA'82 (2012)

​Mark F. Dehnert, BSSSE'89 MBA'89 (2015)

​Edward A. Mueller, MBA'88 (1999)

​F. Roger Dierberg, MBA'62 (2003)

​James V. O'Donnell, BSBA'74 MBA'74 (1997)

​David C. Dorfman, BSBA'77 (2009)

​Eugene M. O'Neill, BSBA'49 (2004)

​C. Donald Dorsey, BSBA'64 (2004)

​David A. Peacock, MBA'00 (2009)

​John P. Dubinsky, AB'65 MBA'67 (1995)

​Carl J. Reis*, MBA'65 (2000)​

​Barney A. Ebsworth, BSBA'25 (1991)

​Victor L. Richey Jr., MBA'95 (2005)​

​George E. Egger*, BSBA'25 (1988)

​Richard Ritholz, BSBA'84 (2018)

​Alyn V. Essman*, BSBA'53 (1989)

​Sally H. Roth, MBA'95 (2009)

​Barbara Ann Feiner, MBA'83 (2007)

​Mahlon Rubin*, BSBA'48 (1990)

​Lee Fixel, BSBA'02 (2017)

​Alejandro Ruelas, MBA'95 (2010)

​Eric G. Flamholtz, PhD, MBA'66 (2014)

​Rick Ryan, PhD, MBA'94 (2017)

​Morton H. Fleischer, BSBA'58 (1993)

​Roger W. Schipke, BSBA'58 (1987)

​J. Stephen Fossett*, MBA'68 (1995)

​Donald O. Schnuck*, BSBA'46 (1987)

​Gregory A. Fox*, MBA'90 (2011)

​Steven G. Segal, BSBA'82 (2013)

​Jeff L. Fox, MBA'88 (2011)

​William J. Shaw, MBA'72 (1996)

​The Honorable Sam Fox, BSBA'51 (1988)

​Gurpreet Singh*, MBA'54 (1999)

​Donald R. Frahm, BSBA'53 (1989)

​Ja Song, MBA'62 PhD'67 (2003)

​Robert W. Frick, EN'60 MBA'62 (1988)

​Elliot H. Stein*, BSBA'39 (1987)

​E. William Gillula, MBA'73 (2006)

​Kenneth B. Steinback, BSBA'66 (1997)

​Joseph W. Glik, BSBA'50 (1998)

​Steven T. Stull, BSBA'81 MBA'85 (2007)

​Al Goldfarb*, BSBA'37 (2001)

​J.J. Stupp, MBA'83 (2010)

​Edward Gomes Jr.*, BSBA'55 MBA'68 (1999)

​Lawrence E. Thomas, BSBA'77 (2009)

​Lynn E. Gorguze, MBA'86 (2006)

​Norman J. Tice, BSBA'57 (2003)

​Mary Jo Gorman, MBA'96 (2013)

​Cecil E. Ursprung, MBA'68 (1994)

​Jay Grinney, MBA'81 MHA'81 (2011)

​Mary Ann Van Lokeren, AB'69 MBA'88 (1996)

​Sidney H. Guller, BSBA'47 (1998)

​Sandra A. Van Trease, MBA'92 (2004)

​H. Frederick Hagemann Jr.*, BSBA'26 (1987)

​Robert L. Virgil, MBA'60 PhD'67 (2004)

​James H. Hance Jr., MBA'68 (1994)

​Cuba Wadlington Jr.*, BS'72 (2001)

​Raymond W. Harmon*, BSBA'48 (2002)

​John K. Wallace Jr., MBA'62 (1992)

​Roy R. Heimburger, BSBA'59 (1996)

​James D. Weddle, MBA'77 (2008)

​Scott B. Helm, BSBA'87 (2012)

​Roger L. Weston, MBA'67 (1997)

​Robert E. Hernreich, MBA'67 (1994)

​Lewis N. Wolff, MBA'61 (1990)

​Priscilla L. Hill-Ardoin, MBA'88 (2000)

​Howard L. Wood, BSBA'61 (1992)

​Jesse N. Hunter, MBA'06 (2014)

​A. Greig Woodring, MBA'89 (2004)

​Louis G. Hutt Jr., BSBA'76 (1998)

​Arnold B. Zetcher, BSBA'62 (1993)

​Donald Imholz, TI'78 MBA'91 (2016)

​Louis I. Zorensky*, BSBA'41 JD'41 (1991)

​Milton L. Zorensky*, BSBA'40 (1991)



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