Distinguished Alumni Awards

​Past Award Recipients

The Distinguished Alumni Awards honor Olin Business School alumni who have attained distinction in their careers. Those being honored share the characteristics of leadership: progressive thinking, high standards, uncompromising integrity, commitment, courage, and confidence. Their careers serve as models for all Washington University students and alumni.
Lee Abraham, BSBA'49 (1990)  Paul F. Jacobson, MBA'78 (1992)
Anne (Cook) Anderson, MBA'02 (2016) Jerald L. Kent, BSBA'78 MBA'79 (1999)
Stan A. Askren, MBA'87 (2008) S. Lee Kling*, BSBA'50 (1989)
J. Eugene Banks*, BSBA'30 (1993) Paul A. Koch, BSBA'61 JD'64 MBA'68 (2012)
Paulino Do Rego Barros Jr., MBA'91 (2013) Roger L. Koch, BSBA'64 MBA'66 (2012)
David Becker, BSAS/BSCS'89 MBA'89 (2007) Alfred S. Koh, MBA'83 (2014)
Robert W. Beck, BSBA'86 (2016) Gunther N. Kohn*, BSBA'50 (2000)
James K. Berthold, MBA'62 (1996) Nina Leigh Krueger, MBA'94 (2017)
John D. Beuerlein, MBA'77 (2011) Shelley K. Lavender, MBA'03 (2015)
Gulab H. Bhatia, MBA'96 (2015) E. Desmond Lee*, BSBA'40 (1994)
F. Gilbert Bickel III, BSBA'66 (2005) Joon Bum Lee, MBA'61 (1988)
Jack B. Biggs Jr., AB'69 MBA'71 (1991) Lori Mason Lee, BSBA'88 MBA'89 (2016)
David T. Blasingame, AB'69 MBA'71 (2005) Steven F. Leer, MBA'77 (2000)
Terence E. Block, MBA'73 (2010) Terry L. Lengfelder, BSBA'61 (1991)
Joseph M. Blomker, MBA'90 (2002) Lewis A. Levey, MBA'67 (2006)
Zachary Boyers, MBA'01 (2018) Wei-Shan Lin, MBA'76 (1992)
Harold A. Brinner*, BSBA'38 (2002) Lin-Kuei Jackson Ling, MBA'04 (2006)
Bill Broderick, MBA'76 (2017) Katherine Busboom Magrath*, BSBA'63 (1993)
Harvey M. Brown, BSBA'48 (2002) William J. Marshall, BSBA'70 MBA'73 PhD'77 (2005)
John G. Brunner, MBA'89 (2010) Theodore R.P. Martin*, BSBA'49 (2003)
David L. Campbell, AB'81 MBA'81 (2008) Munir Mashooqullah, MBA'98 (2018)
William W. Canfield, MBA'62 (2001) Nancy J. Mattson, MBA'78 (1995)
Bruce V. Carp, BSBA'67 (1990) W. Patrick McGinnis, MBA'72 (1993)
Carl M. Casale, MBA'92 (2007) Jack C. Meng, MBA'68 (1995)
Hal M. Chase*, BSBA'26 (1989) Steven B. Miller, MD, HS'91 MBA'02 (2015)
Shirley Cunningham, MBA'08 (2018) Wade D. Miquelon, MBA'89 (2014)
John F. Dains, BSBA'68 (2013) Dave Moellenhoff, EN'92 MBA'94 (2017)
John F. Danahy, MBA'85 (2001) Merry L. Mosbacher, MBA'82 (2012)
Mark F. Dehnert, BSSSE'89 MBA'89 (2015) Edward A. Mueller, MBA'88 (1999)
F. Roger Dierberg, MBA'62 (2003) James V. O'Donnell, BSBA'74 MBA'74 (1997)
David C. Dorfman, BSBA'77 (2009) Eugene M. O'Neill, BSBA'49 (2004)
C. Donald Dorsey, BSBA'64 (2004) David A. Peacock, MBA'00 (2009)
John P. Dubinsky, AB'65 MBA'67 (1995) Carl J. Reis*, MBA'65 (2000)
Barney A. Ebsworth, BSBA'25 (1991) Victor L. Richey Jr., MBA'95 (2005)
George E. Egger*, BSBA'25 (1988) Richard Ritholz, BSBA'84 (2018)
Alyn V. Essman*, BSBA'53 (1989) Sally H. Roth, MBA'95 (2009)
Barbara Ann Feiner, MBA'83 (2007) Mahlon Rubin*, BSBA'48 (1990)
Lee Fixel, BSBA'02 (2017) Alejandro Ruelas, MBA'95 (2010)
Eric G. Flamholtz, PhD, MBA'66 (2014) Rick Ryan, PhD, MBA'94 (2017)
Morton H. Fleischer, BSBA'58 (1993) Roger W. Schipke, BSBA'58 (1987)
J. Stephen Fossett*, MBA'68 (1995) Donald O. Schnuck*, BSBA'46 (1987)
Gregory A. Fox*, MBA'90 (2011) Steven G. Segal, BSBA'82 (2013)
Jeff L. Fox, MBA'88 (2011) William J. Shaw, MBA'72 (1996)
The Honorable Sam Fox, BSBA'51 (1988) Gurpreet Singh*, MBA'54 (1999)
Donald R. Frahm, BSBA'53 (1989) Ja Song, MBA'62 PhD'67 (2003)
Robert W. Frick, EN'60 MBA'62 (1988) Elliot H. Stein*, BSBA'39 (1987)
E. William Gillula, MBA'73 (2006) Kenneth B. Steinback, BSBA'66 (1997)
Joseph W. Glik, BSBA'50 (1998) Steven T. Stull, BSBA'81 MBA'85 (2007)
Al Goldfarb*, BSBA'37 (2001) J.J. Stupp, MBA'83 (2010)
Edward Gomes Jr.*, BSBA'55 MBA'68 (1999) Lawrence E. Thomas, BSBA'77 (2009)
Lynn E. Gorguze, MBA'86 (2006) Norman J. Tice, BSBA'57 (2003)
Mary Jo Gorman, MBA'96 (2013) Cecil E. Ursprung, MBA'68 (1994)
Jay Grinney, MBA'81 MHA'81 (2011) Mary Ann Van Lokeren, AB'69 MBA'88 (1996)
Sidney H. Guller, BSBA'47 (1998) Sandra A. Van Trease, MBA'92 (2004)
H. Frederick Hagemann Jr.*, BSBA'26 (1987) Robert L. Virgil, MBA'60 PhD'67 (2004)
James H. Hance Jr., MBA'68 (1994) Cuba Wadlington Jr.*, BS'72 (2001)
Raymond W. Harmon*, BSBA'48 (2002) John K. Wallace Jr., MBA'62 (1992)
Roy R. Heimburger, BSBA'59 (1996) James D. Weddle, MBA'77 (2008)
Scott B. Helm, BSBA'87 (2012) Roger L. Weston, MBA'67 (1997)
Robert E. Hernreich, MBA'67 (1994) Lewis N. Wolff, MBA'61 (1990)
Priscilla L. Hill-Ardoin, MBA'88 (2000) Howard L. Wood, BSBA'61 (1992)
Jesse N. Hunter, MBA'06 (2014) A. Greig Woodring, MBA'89 (2004)
Louis G. Hutt Jr., BSBA'76 (1998) Arnold B. Zetcher, BSBA'62 (1993)
Donald Imholz, TI'78 MBA'91 (2016) Louis I. Zorensky*, BSBA'41 JD'41 (1991)
Milton L. Zorensky*, BSBA'40 (1991)

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