​Emerging Leader Award

​Past Award Recipients

​Established in 2015, The Emerging Leaders Awards honor Olin's recent alumni who exemplify our mission to create knowledge, inspire individuals, and transform business. We are proud to recognize these honorees for their service to Olin through leadership, business acumen, and impact to their organization and beyond.


​Tamiko Armstead, MBA 2006 (2015)

​President, Cardinal Ritter

​David Brown, SI 2003, MBA 2004 (2015)

​Founder and President, Datotel, LLC

​Drew Caylor, MBA 2002 (2016)

​Partner, Louis York Capital

​Arvan S. Chan, MBA 2009, MHA 2009 (2017)

​Vice President, International Markets, Centene Corporation

​Chuck K. Cohn, BSBA 2008 (2017)

​Founder and CEO, Varsity Tutors

Jessica Fischer, CPA,​ BSBA 2006, MSBA 2006 (2018)

Group Vice President, Deputy Treasurer, Charter Communications​​

​Alicia Herald, LA 2005, MBA 2011 (2016)

​Founder, myEDmatch

​Lauren Herring, MBA 2007 (2015)

​Chief Executive Officer, IMPACT Group

​Jonathan Kaufman, MBA 2011 (2015)

​Co-Founder & Chief Non Profit Officer, Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies

​Vinita Kumar, BSBA 2001 (2016)

​Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

​James A. Mourey, PhD, BSBA 2005 (2017)

​Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, DePaul University

Jeff Platt, BSBA 200​6 (2018)

CEO, Sky Zone Franchise Group​​

Mark C. Pydyno​wski, BSBA 2004 (2018)

Senior Director, New Product Development, Experian​​

​JD Ross, BSBA 2012 (2017)

​Co-founder, Opendoor

Amanda Signore​​lli, BSBA 2013 (2018)

CEO, Techweek​​

​Valerie Toothman, EN 2001, MBA 2008 (2015)

​Product Manager of Innovations, Anheuser-Busch, LLC

​Hugh Tychsen, LA 2005, MBA 2011 (2016)

​Director, Sales and Account Management Operations, Express Scripts, Inc.

​Jason Wang, BSBA 2009 (2016)

​CEO, Xi'an Famous Foods

​Meghan O'Meara Winegrad, MBA 2006 (2017)

​Senior Director, Product Management, Express Scripts, Inc.

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