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The Olin Award

Past Award Recipients

​The Olin Award is presented to faculty whose research has the greatest potential to advance business. Richard Mahoney, Olin Distinguished Executive in Residence and former chairman and CEO of Monsanto, initiated the award to highlight scholarship that has practical and performance-enhancing applications to critical management issues. The prize is a $10,000 honorarium.

​Markus Baer, PhD (2009)

​Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

​Tat Y. Chan, PhD (2012)

​Associate Professor of Marketing

​Kurt T. Dirks, PhD (2009)

​Senior Associate Dean-Programs and Bank of America Professor of Managerial Leadership

​Arun Gopalakrishnan, PhD (2017)

​Assistant Professor of Marketing

​Radhakrishnan Gopalan, PhD (2011, 2016)

​Assistant Professor of Finance

​Baojun Jiang, PhD (2013)

​Assistant Professor of Marketing

​Andrew P. Knight, PhD (2015)

​Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

​Anne Marie Knott, PhD (2015)

​Professor of Strategy

Judi McLean Parks, PhD (2010)

​Reuben C. and Anne Carpenter Taylor Professor of Organizational Behavior

​Todd T. Milbourn, PhD (2011, 2016)

​Hubert C. & Dorothy R. Moog Professor of Finance

​Jackson Nickerson, PhD (2009)

​Frahm Family Professor of Organization and Strategy

​Lamar Pierce, PhD (2014)

​Associate Professor of Organization & Strategy

​Anjan V. Thakor, PhD (2011)

​Director of Doctoral Programs & CFAR and John E. Simon Professor of Finance

​Chunhua Wu, PhD (2012)

​Assistant Professor of Marketing

​Ying Xie, PhD (2012)

​Associate Professor of Marketing

​Todd R. Zenger, PhD (2008)

​Adjunct Lecturer

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