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Why I Volunteer

Susan Block headshot
Susan Block, BFA '76

Susan Block, BFA ’76

Former Chair, Alumni Board of Governors
Recipient, 2011 Founders Day Distinguished Alumni Award

Why do you volunteer for Washington University?

Because I love it! Volunteering is an opportunity to continue my education. Washington University is filled with such bright people, so I get the chance to work with very intelligent students. I am always learning and volunteering is a fun way to continue the process. I believe you get from an organization what you contribute and I want to make the most of my Washington University experience.

What advice would you give to young alumni from Washington University?

Always keep involved! Maybe not every year, but stay connected to the university. Whatever city you live in, there will always be someone there to help you from the Wash U network. Whether you are seeking career advice or friends in a new city, staying connected will provide you with what you need. Washington University is such a great resources and it truly broadens your life. You will meet interesting people of all ages and careers.

What is the one thing you wish you had done while you were still a student?

I wish I had taken the jewelry making class. I don’t think they offer it anymore, but I think that would have been a great class. Advice to current students: Remember to have fun and learn new skills because it is so rewarding. Spread your wings and enjoy life!


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