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Alumni Board of Governors

Alumni Board of Governors

The Alumni Board of Governors provides a lifelong interactive relationship between alumni, students and the university.

In conjunction with Alumni and Development staff and university leaders, the Alumni Board of Governors is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the programs of the Alumni Association. Through both alumni representation on the Board of Trustees and the close working relationship between the volunteers and alumni staff, the Alumni Association has significant influence on the affairs of Washington University.

For more information about the Alumni Board of Governors, email Susan Cohen, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations or call (314) 935-7378.

Learn more about each of the programs under the umbrella of the Alumni Board of Governors by clicking on each item:

2016 - 2017 Executive Committee

Robert Mullenger
Robert Mullenger, BS '89
San Francisco, CA
Steven Segal
Steven Segal, BSBA '82
Executive Vice Chair
Boston, MA
Jeff Gentsch
Iqbal Brainch, AB '96 
Immediate Past Chair
Chicago, IL

Vice Chairs​

Vincent Belusko, BS '78
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Epstein Howard_small.jpg
Laurie_Hiller_small.jpg Steven Segal headshot
Neil Yaris, BSBA '86
Maplewood, NJ

At-Large Members

Mark Affolter, AB '89, Chicago, IL
John Altmix, BS '94, MBA '94, Cincinnati, OH
David Brown, MS '03, MBA '04, St. Louis, MO
Scott Budoff, BSBA '86, New York, NY
Lee Clark, AB '90 MBA '00, Chicago, IL
Emily Gallop Coen, MSW '96, St. Louis, MO
Anne Chivetta, BS ‘84 MS ‘84, St. Louis, MO  
Edward Cohen, JD '82, St. Louis, MO
Fernando Cutz, AB ‘10, National Harbor, MD
Anna Doyle, MBA '88, St. Louis, MO
Lars Etzkorn, AB '87, Washington, DC
Betsy Seligman Gometz, AB '73, Phoenix, AZ
Albert Ip, BS '73, Hong Kong
April Mickens Jolly, BSBA ‘02, St. Louis, MO 
Nicole Kaplan, AB '92, Boca Raton, FL
Steven Kramer, BS '82 BS '82, Washington, DC
JoAnne Levy, AB '83, JD '96, St. Louis, MO
Dan Manoogian, BSBA '82, Chicago, IL
Mitch Margo, AB '77, JD '83, St. Louis, MO
Rene Morency, Jr., AB '91, St. Louis, MO
Valerie Patton, MSW '06, St. Louis, MO
Michael Perlmutter, BS '00 MBA '00, St. Louis, MO
Susan Pruchnicki, AB '86, MArch '88, St. Louis, MO
Lisa Brodsky Ring,  AB '76  MD '80 HS '85, St. Louis, MO
Mark Satisky, BSBA '96, Atlanta, GA
Steven Segal, BSBA '82, Boston, MA
Steven Shalowitz, AB '86, New York, NY
Danielle Forget Shield, BS '94, Houston, TX
Scott Simowitz, AB '77, Boca Raton, FL
Ellen Levy Siwak,  AB '85 JD '88, St. Louis, MO
Andrew Srenco, BS '97 MBA '97, St. Louis, MO
Howard Steinberg, AB '82, MBA '83, Atlanta, GA
Adam Stoltz, AB ‘99, Larchmont, NY          
Alan Swimmer, AB '82, Chicago, IL
Kelli Washington, BSBA '94, Washington, DC
Susan Warshaw, MSW ‘79, St. Louis, MO 
Michael Willis, B’Arch '73, M’Arch ‘76 MSW ‘76 Oakland,CA           
Neil Yaris, BSBA '86, Maplewood, NJ
Callaway Zuccarello, MBA '93, St. Louis, MO

Former Chairs

F. Gilbert Bickel III, BSBA '66, St. Louis, MO
John B. Biggs Jr., AB '66, MBA '71, St. Louis, MO*
Susan Sanders Block, BFA '76, St. Louis, MO*
Jerome F. Brasch, BS '44, MS '47, St. Louis, MO
James R. Bridwell, AB '49, St. Louis, MO*
Mel F. Brown, AB '57, JD '61, St. Louis, MO*
Robert C. Drews, AB '52, MD '55, St. Louis, MO
Thomas J. Feichtinger, BS '86, Houston, TX*
Barbara Ann Feiner, MBA '83, St. Louis, MO*
Henrietta Freedman, AB '75, St. Louis, MO*
Jeff Gentsch, MBA ‘86, St. Louis, MO
John L. Gianoulakis, AB '60, St. Louis, MO*
Stephen Green, MBA '83, St. Louis, MO*
Deborah Grossman, EMBA '91, St. Louis, MO*
Don Jubel, BS '73, St. Louis, MO*
Robert B. Karn III, BSBA '65, St. Louis, MO
Wilfred R. Konneker, MA '50, St. Louis, MO
Thomas E. Lowther, JD '62, MA '99, St. Louis, MO*
Mark E. Mason, AB '51, Pittsburgh, PA*
Robert W. Meyer, BS '74, MS '76, DSc '78, Chicago, IL*
Michael N. Newmark, AB '60, JD '62, St. Louis, MO*
Marie Prange Oetting, AB '49, St. Louis, MO*
Gordon W. Philpott, HS MD '61, St. Louis, MO
Jeff Rosenkranz, BSBA '84, St. Louis, MO*
Robert L. Scharff Jr., BSBA '65, St. Louis, MO*
David L. Shores, BSBA '67, Hawai'i
Jerome J. Sincoff, BArch '56, St. Louis, MO*
Martin K. Sneider, AB '64, St. Louis, MO*
J.J. Stupp, MBA '83, St. Louis, MO*
Lawrence Earl Thomas, BSBA '77, St. Louis, MO*
Henry Warshaw, AB '76, St. Louis, MO*
*Current members of the Alumni Board of Governors

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