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Founders Day 2017 with Anderson Cooper

2017 Founders Day Honorees with Anderson Cooper and Chancellor Wrighton.

Each year, Washington University recognizes the exceptional achievements of alumni, faculty and friends of the university.   Learn more about the university and school sponsored awards below.
Founders Day ​
School Awards​
University Awards
  • Eliot Society “Search” Award  
    Heikki Seppä, professor emeritus at the School of Art at Washington University in St. Louis, designed the sculpture presented to award recipients. It symbolizes both the collaborative efforts and the positive results that characterize the School of Medicine’s past achievements. Made of the most valued materials, gold and silver, to signify the School’s highest purpose—the healing of humanity—the award is fashioned from a flat triangular sheet into a strong form suggesting the corners of the world from which knowledge is gathered. Knowledge refined and expanded by dedicated researchers, teachers and clinicians is manifested as a pure silver flame in the center. The black base represents the work still ahead, challenging and as yet unknown.
  • The Jane and Whitney Harris St. Louis Community Service Award
    The Jane and Whitney Harris St. Louis Community Service Award is presented each year by Washington University to honor a St. Louis husband and wife who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the culture and welfare of the greater St. Louis community. 
    A generous bequest from a longtime community supporter and advocate, the late Jane Freund Harris, established this inspirational award. Jane’s untimely death in April 1999 left a void in St. Louis. Renowned for their remarkable generosity, compassion and dedication, Jane and Whitney Harris exemplified the best qualities of service to fellow citizens. This prize is designed to encourage other St. Louis couples to follow in Jane and Whitney Harris’ footsteps.

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