Distinguished Faculty Awards

Distinguished Faculty Awards recognize outstanding commitment to the intellectual and personal development of students.


  • Quality of instruction
  • Relationship to students
  • Availability to students outside the classroom
  • Reputation for scholarship
  • Distinguished service to Washington University

The nominee must be a full-time tenured faculty member who has a minimum of seven years of teaching experience at Washington University and is actively teaching when nominated. (If a faculty member is on the “clinical track” in the School of Medicine, the tenure criteria is not applicable). Faculty on sabbatical will be considered active members; visiting faculty members are not ineligible. Retired faculty members must be nominated within one year of retirement.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize outstanding professional achievement, public service, exceptional service to Washington University or all three.


  • Professional achievement: National success and achievement in field of expertise (judgment of others in the field will be given special attention)
  • Public service: Significant contributions in areas of public service
  • Service: Active engagement in university or alumni affairs for a minimum of five (but preferably 10) years

Members of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Board of Governors, members of the Washington University Board of Trustees, current employees and former employees within five years of departure from the university are ineligible for this award.

Nominees stay in the pool for 3 years. Individuals are eligible to be re-nominated after their 3 year window expires. Updated letters, bios, and supporting material can be submitted throughout the nominee's 3 year window.

Deadline for the 2018 Founders Day Awards nominations: December 22, 2017. Nominations received after this date will be eligible for consideration for the 2019 Founders Day Awards.

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