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Three Alumni Earn Top Honors in Inaugural Photo Challenge

Christina Wills and Edward Banti
Christina Wills, AB ’03, and her husband, Edward Banti, BS ’06,
MS ’06, in Tübingen, Germany,
16 years after Wills studied
there as a junior at WashU

This summer, we asked our alumni to share of photos of themselves on vacation with their WashU gear for our inaugural Going Places With WashU Photo Contest. More than 60 of you responded, sharing shots with WashU apparel, sunglasses, and even an umbrella in locales as
far-flung as the Indian Himalayas, a beach in Galicia, Spain, the equatorial line in Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador, and the One World Trade Center tower in New York.

With so many creative and colorful photos to choose from, selecting a winner was difficult. After evaluating how well each entry reflected WashU sprit and captured the essence of the vacation location—as well as photo quality—a winner emerged. Congratulations to Christina Wills, AB ’03, who submitted a photo of herself and her husband, Edward Banti, BS ’06, MS ’06, wearing WashU T-shirts in picturesque Tübingen, home of Eberhard Karls University, one of the largest universities in Germany (see left).

Wills, who earned her undergraduate degree in German languages and literature and educational studies, studied abroad in Tübingen during her junior year at WashU. This summer, she was able to visit the city for the first time with Banti. (Read more about Wills and her photo.) As the winner of our contest, Wills will receive a treasure trove of WashU items to take on her next vacation.

In addition to Wills, we selected two runners-up:

  • Robin Reaves Di Trolio, BFA ’85, (upper right), who submitted a photo of herself and her border collie, Duke, at the Alamo in San Antonio with no fewer than five pieces of WashU gear, including “Beardanas” like the ones Di Trolio, a former cheerleader, used to throw to Bears fans during athletic events

  • Ed Skobac, AB ’76, (lower right), whose entry featured the alumnus and two of his former WashU roommates, Joe Hanig, AB ’76, and Rick Hardy, BS ’77, on a backpacking trip in Idaho’s White Castle Wilderness, their 40th backpacking trip together since they graduated

  • Thank you to all who participated in the contest. We enjoyed sharing your submissions on this website and on the Alumni Association’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We hope you keep sharing your WashU spirit around the globe throughout the year.

The Runners-Up
  • Robin Reaves Di Trolio, BFA ’85, and
    her border collie, Duke, at the Alamo in
    San Antonio
  • Castle Peak in Idaho: From left, former WashU roommates Joe Hanig, AB ’76, Ed Skobac, AB ’76, and Rick Hardy, BS ’77.

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