August 2023 Chair Update

Please read these monthly chair updates, as they are the best way to stay up-to-date regarding what’s happening in APAP and at WashU. All members—including chairs—will receive a separate member update email each month.  Your to-do list As we kick of a new season, there are a few tasks we’re asking each chair to complete […]

October 2022

Interview Updates Most of you have received emails alerting you that you have interviews to assign in the Portal. The emails are sent weekly (on Wednesdays) to chairs who have applicants to assign. These could be new applicants who have matched to the Portal, applicants who were declined by the interviewer assigned, or assignments that […]

September 2022

The APAP Volunteer Portal: new and improved We utilize the APAP Volunteer Portal to manage all interview assignments. We have redesigned it this season in order to make assigning interviews easier for you. Please send us any feedback, as we are are continually making improvements.   Students have already started matching in some committees. More information about […]

August 2022

This weekend is Chair Conference 2022 We are so excited to welcome many of you to campus this weekend for Chair Conference! The conference will begin on Friday evening, August 25, and run through the evening of Saturday, August 26.   If you will not be joining us in person, we invite you to participate in […]


We are no longer matching any new students to the Portal.  As of December 15 (December 22 for international committees), no new students have been added, so what you see in your Portal view is what you have left to assign/reassign for the remainder of the season.  We are nearly there!  Here are a few […]

Chair resources

You continue to ask great questions, and we have included them, along with responses, in the FAQ for chairs about assigning interviews.   Other helpful resources can be found on the Portal as well as in the chair resources section of the APAP website. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to APAP anytime with […]

Spring semester update

For up-to-date information about what is happening on campus in light of COVID-19, please visit WashU Together. The site includes plans for the spring semester. Chancellor Martin recently let students know that classes will be held virtually for the first two weeks of the semester and will then resume in-person. 


You are doing a great job of assigning interviews in the Volunteer Portal!  A few updates and reminders: Interview Assigning FAQ for Chairs Many of the answers to the great questions you are asking can be found on the FAQ for chairs about assigning interviews. For detailed instructions on how to assign interviews, please review […]

Due dates, reminders, and deadlines

Due Dates for InterviewsWe ask that interviewers submit the Interview Report Form for an applicant within one month of accepting the interview assignment. Declines and ExpiresIf an interviewer declines the assignment or does not accept or decline after seven days, the applicant will appear back in your list (in the “Applicants in your area” section […]