We are no longer matching any new students to the Portal.  As of December 15 (December 22 for international committees), no new students have been added, so what you see in your Portal view is what you have left to assign/reassign for the remainder of the season.  We are nearly there!  Here are a few […]

Chair resources

You continue to ask great questions, and we have included them, along with responses, in the FAQ for chairs about assigning interviews.   Other helpful resources can be found on the Portal as well as in the chair resources section of the APAP website. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to APAP anytime with […]

Spring semester update

For up-to-date information about what is happening on campus in light of COVID-19, please visit WashU Together. The site includes plans for the spring semester. Chancellor Martin recently let students know that classes will be held virtually for the first two weeks of the semester and will then resume in-person. 


You are doing a great job of assigning interviews in the Volunteer Portal!  A few updates and reminders: Interview Assigning FAQ for Chairs Many of the answers to the great questions you are asking can be found on the FAQ for chairs about assigning interviews. For detailed instructions on how to assign interviews, please review […]

Due dates, reminders, and deadlines

Due Dates for InterviewsWe ask that interviewers submit the Interview Report Form for an applicant within one month of accepting the interview assignment. Declines and ExpiresIf an interviewer declines the assignment or does not accept or decline after seven days, the applicant will appear back in your list (in the “Applicants in your area” section […]

Training resources

All chair and member training resources—including past issues of these chair updates—are available in the Chair Resources and Member Resources sections of the APAP website.  In order to access these sections, you will need your WUSTL key and password. If you need any assistance with your WUSTL key, please contact APAP.

Blank interviewer names

Occasionally you may see an “Assignment Status” of accept but the interviewer name does not display.  You do not need to do anything further with that assignment. This typically happens if members accept the interview but subsequently change their status regarding conducting interviews outside of their area (for example, they may feel that they cannot […]

Interview assigning tips

Emails go out weekly on Wednesdays to chairs who have applicants to assign. These could be new applicants who have matched to the Portal, applicants who were declined by an assigned interviewer, or assignments which expired because the interviewer did not accept or decline the assignment within seven days. You can easily sort by “Round” (to […]

Due Dates, Reminders and Deadlines

Due DatesWe ask that interviewers submit the Interview Report Form for an applicant within one month of accepting the interview assignment but no later than the final due dates listed below. RemindersAPAP will send interviewers several email reminders: to accept their assigned interview(s), to submit the interview report(s) after they accept, and a final due […]

Training resources

All training materials are available on the Portal and APAP website, but we want to highlight a few. How to Assign APAP Interviews is your guide to making assignments within the Portal.  How to Navigate the APAP Volunteer Portal provides an overview of the Portal for all APAP volunteers.   How to Conduct an APAP […]