Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize outstanding professional achievement, public service, and exceptional service to WashU—or all three.


  • Professional achievement: National success and achievement in field of expertise (judgment of others in the field will be given special attention)
  • Public service: Significant contributions in areas of public service
  • Service: Active engagement in university or alumni affairs for a minimum of five (but preferably 10) years

A nomination letter and biography are required and a resume/CV is strongly encouraged to be submitted. The deadline to submit alumni nominations is January 13, 2023.

Note: Members of the executive committee of the Alumni Board of Governors, members of the Washington University Board of Trustees, current employees, and former employees within five years of departure from the WashU are ineligible for this award.

Founders Day Award Nomination

Nominee Information for Distinguished Alumni Awards

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Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

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For any questions, please contact Annie Deutsch at annie.deutsch@wustl.edu.