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2011 ACE Program Testimonials

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be accepted into the ACE program. I absolutely loved my three-day experience in every way at Ares Capital. I learned a great deal about the important role a private equity firm plays in the capital market that I wouldn’t have otherwise known, and I gained valuable guidance on management and leadership skills. Being able to interact with senior level associates, ask different questions and network with people from different teams was the most valuable part of this whole experience. I was truly impressed with everyone’s energy and talent at Ares. The time I spent with Mr. Affolter has really opened up a whole new perspective for me that will be extremely helpful for my plans and goals for the near future.”

—Junwei Wang, Class of 2011

Externship Host: Mark Affolter, AB ’89, Managing Director, Ares Capital Corporation 

“The ACE experience I had with my host, Greg Strauss at AB Mauri/Fleischmann, was one of the best experiences I have had so far at Washington U. It gave me insight about the corporate working culture and helped me to prepare for the transition from school to work. At the same time, I was very glad and honored that I could contribute to the company in this short period as well and make it a mutually beneficial experience. After my presentation on the ad tracking and competitor positioning analysis project, the controller, marketing executive, director and specialist were very impressed with my work and thought it would be useful for them for the next year’s budgeting process. I gained much confidence from this experience, and I am now more comfortable with working with people in real-world businesses situations. Participating in the ACE Program was a very good way to spend Spring Break, and I would love to do it again next year if I have the opportunity.”

—Nan Liu, Class of 2011

Externship Host: Greg Strauss, BS ’86, MBA ’88, Vice President, Development and Sales, Fleischmann’s Yeast   

“I had an unforgettable experience shadowing Lisa Sharkey of HarperCollins. My externship started off with a bang – Lisa asked me to meet her at the Good Morning America studios in Times Square at 7:30 on the first morning. I was able to go backstage and hang out with rock star Sammy Hagar, who was on a book tour promoting his tell-all memoir. Sammy was really nice and even gave me a hug after the show! Lisa, who used to work at the show, gave me a tour of the studio and introduced me to everyone who worked there. I was even able to go on to the set and watch while Sammy was being interviewed. I spent most of the externship observing Lisa at work. She let me listen in on important phone calls with potential and current clients. While I was there, she even called Buckingham Palace. Lisa also brought me along with her to various editorial meetings, and allowed me to do hands-on work with her associate editor. I spent a few hours working on the art log for a book about the television show, The Next Food Network Star, and attended meetings with the design team about how to improve its cover and interior design. Overall, it was an incredible few days. I learned valuable information and met interesting and accomplished people in an industry that I hope to someday be a part of myself.

—Allie Kornstein, Class of 2013

Externship host: Lisa Sharkey, AB ’80, Senior Vice President and Director of Creative Development, Harper Collins

“I don’t think there’s anything I would really change about the program – the Career Center was supportive, and they matched me perfectly with an alum who truly helped me realize where I want to take my professional life. I think having this experience as a sophomore is especially essential – most students do not get to experience such a real-world interning experience at such a young age. It helps students not only to learn how to behave in a professional atmosphere but more importantly, to start aligning their passions with their career path. Moreover, as I’ve accepted an internship with Derek Lam this summer, the ACE externship has opened doors for me into the fashion industry – it is networking at its best, and fully acknowledges how professionals can be open and inspiring to undergraduate youth.”

—Anne Chen, Class of 2013

Externship Host: Elizabeth Giardina, BFA ’02, Senior Designer, Derek Lam

“One of the highlights of my trip was being invited to attend a research screening for the new Katherine Heigl film, One for the Money. As a marketing major, I really enjoyed watching market research and specifically witnessing a focus group that followed the film. I was also able to talk to several employees in the marketing department, and I received a lot of insight from them about marketing careers in the entertainment industry. Before leaving, I met with Emily Rabbit in human resources, and we discussed possible internships at Lionsgate and working in the entertainment industry in general. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Lionsgate and with Mr. Feltheimer. I look forward to applying this experience toward my future career aspirations in film and media marketing.”

—Lauren Ortwein, Class of 2013

Externship Host: Jon Feltheimer, AB ’72, CEO, Lionsgate Entertainment

“I began and concluded my externship at Ameristar’s St. Charles property, where I toured the hotel and casino both from the front of the house and the back of the house, meeting with many of the property’s top executives. Each person I met with stressed the ideals of Ameristar, which include a dedication to top service, which stems from the friendliness, enthusiasm and integrity of each employee. They also made it their responsibility to make sure that I took something away from each meeting that I attended, leading to an experience where I learned more in one week than I could have ever imagined. During the time between my two days at the St. Charles property, I spent two days at Ameristar’s corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shortly after arriving at the corporate offices, I was introduced to Mr. Kanofsky, and after a brief discussion, he invited me to attend one of Ameristar’s Senior Leadership meetings, which is a meeting of many of the top executives of the company. After completing my first 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. day at the corporate office, I met Mr. Kanofsky for dinner. It was an incredible experience, where he was informative and interesting, and provided invaluable guidance. Our discussion at dinner ranged from his career path and advice on my future plans to college basketball. It was an extremely enjoyable and educational dinner that I truly appreciated. Overall, my experience with Ameristar was amazing, and I learned a lot. Everything about it was memorable, and this incredible experience could not have happened without Mr. Kanofsky and Ameristar’s incredible team of employees.”

—Andrew Weitz, Class of 2011

Externship Host: Gordon Kanofsky, AB ’77, CEO and Vice Chairman, Ameristar Casinos, Inc.

2010 ACE Program Externship Testimonials

“I absolutely loved my experience in every way. When I first arrived, Mr. Curtis had me listen in on a conference call with an inventor filing for a patent application and a specialist in patent licensing, which was interesting and allowed me to dive head first into the material. He then had me work on a reply to the patent office for said invention, since the application had initially been rejected. In the down time, I read about how business people can apply knowledge of patent applications and procedure to their entrepreneurial ventures, as well as about the ethics involved in the patent law industry. Overall, I felt that it was a very good experience, and that I was able to learn about every aspect of the industry. Mr. Curtis was a wonderful host, and he was successful in giving me ample opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions. I would recommend the same experience to anyone interested in the field of patent law.”

—Colin Ardern, Class of 2012 Externship host: Marshall Curtis, BS ’68, Attorney, Whitham, Curtis, Christofferson & Cook, PC

“Overall, I had an extraordinary time over the week, getting to see city and county court, visit Bryan Cave, the largest legal firm in St. Louis, attend bar campaign steering meetings with community leaders and experience the friendliness of the Legal Services of Eastern Missouri staff. I had the great opportunity on Monday to follow Cheryl Rafert, one of the LSEM's lead attorneys, to county and city court. She was so kind to let me actually sit in with her client conferences, meet the judge and clerk, and get me the chance to use the official Missouri state stamp seal. It was such a moving first introduction to my externship that I literally said to myself, “OK—I'm going to law school now!" In sum, I greatly loved my time with Dan and LSEM. They were so friendly and welcoming, and I got a great, intimate look at the legal system and nonprofits.”

—Dan Guenther, Class of 2013

Externship host: Dan Glazier, MSW ’80 JD ’81, Executive Director and General Counsel, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

“I had a wonderful experience during my Spring Break externship with Lisa Sharkey at HarperCollins in New York City. One of the projects I helped with was art layout (choosing photos and placing them with the text) for a fashion and lifestyle book by Whitney Port, the star of the MTV reality show The City. This was especially exciting for me as I love fashion and am a fan of the show! I left the office on my second and final day with a newfound enthusiasm and passion for the publishing industry and New York City, a great deal of knowledge about what working in publishing entails (along with a dozen new books that Lisa generously gave me!) and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of excitement for the future and belief that this is not only the type of career I would love but one that I can truly see myself doing in a few short years. The professional connections I made from this externship, especially getting to know someone in as important position as Lisa’s, are truly invaluable, and I look forward to applying for an internship with HarperCollins next summer.”

—Paige Hazzan, Class of 2012

Externship host: Lisa Sharkey, AB ’80, Senior Vice President and Director of Creative Development, HarperCollins


2009 ACE Program Externship Testimonials

“I absolutely loved my experience in every way. I found myself included in a fantastic and motivated group of talented people, and it really helped to guide my future plans and the goals I have in the near future. I enjoyed working with such a fast-paced environment, and getting to talk to people in so many different departments allowed me to get a clear survey of the entire organization. I was really able to open up new avenues of thinking for my career goals, and I’m extremely happy that I was able to take part in this experience.”

—Megan Kenny, Class of 2012

Externship host: Barbara Levy Landes, AB ’71, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, PBS

“I am so happy that the externship program was offered this year. Thank you so much for making this program a reality! I had the most amazing time in New York City shadowing Howard-Sloan associates. I learned a great deal over the course of two days and gained valuable insight into the executive search industry. I would recommend this experience in a heartbeat. The most valuable part of this whole experience was making new contacts and having the opportunity to ask questions. Everyone at the office gave me such a warm reception, I felt very welcome at Howard-Sloan.”

—Connie He, Class of 2011

Externship host: Mitch Berger, BS ’81, CEO, Howard-Sloan Search Inc.

“I loved learning about different projects the International Center for Journalists is working on and how each person contributes to them. Ms. Barnathan was a great host, and she encouraged me to speak to others in the office. I loved learning about staff members’ experiences and their willingness to help gave me some great contacts for networking. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.”

—Allison Lee, Class of 2010

Externship host: Joyce Barnathan, AB ’75 MA ’76, President, International Center for Journalists

"I went to a Senate hearing on Capitol Hill, attended a press conference in the White House and had unlimited access for a week to the mind of a wonderfully generous and congenial journalist.”

—Alexander Greenberg, Class of 2011

Externship host: Michael Isikoff, AB ’74, Investigative Reporter, Newsweek, Inc.


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