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Many alumni and friends have chosen to support the university through estate gifts, life-income plans and other planned gifts.  Planned giving provides many creative strategies that may allow you to make a gift far beyond your expectations.  To learn more, contact the Planned Giving staff at (800) 835-3503 or 
(314) 935-5373.

Giving Through Your Will, Trust or IRA
Gifts of Securities or Real Estate
Make a Gift and Receive Income through a Gift Annuity or Trust




Lock in an Attractive Annuity Rate

Gift Annuity Sample Payment Rates*

Age​ ​Fixed Rate Ages​ Fixed Rate​
60​ ​4.4% 60 & 60​ ​3.9%
65​ 4.7%​ 65 & 65​ ​4.2%
70​ ​5.1% ​70 & 70 ​4.6%
​75 ​5.8% 75 & 75​ ​5.0%
80​ ​6.8% 80 & 80​ ​5.7%
​85 ​7.8% ​85 & 85 ​6.7%
90 & over​ 9.0%​ 90​ & 90 8.2%​

​*Rates are subject to change. Click on the calculator below to see how a gift annuity can benefit you.

Learn how a gift annuity will benefit you.

Robert S. Brookings Partners

Brookings Partners Summer 2014The Robert S. Brookings Partners recognizes individuals who support Washington University through estate gifts, life income plans or other planned gifts. To notify us of a gift in your will, trust or other planned gift, contact the Office of Planned Giving at (314) 935-5373 or   (800) 835-3503.  Learn more


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Are you celebrating a reunion?
Learn how a planned gift can provide financial and tax benefits to you and support your reunion class gift.

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Planned Giving Calculator

To learn more or receive a personal illustration of a planned gift please contact the Office of Planned Giving or call 
(314) 935-5373 or (800) 835-3503.


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