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Deferred Payment Gift Annuity

​A deferred payment gift annuity is an attractive life income plan for individuals who would benefit from an immediate income tax deduction, and can wait to receive payments until a future date, e.g., until retirement. By deferring payments, you can receive a payment rate that is higher than the payment rate of an immediate-payment charitable gift annuity. Your payment rate is determined by your age and the amount of time your payments are deferred. The minimum gift amount is $5,000. You receive a charitable income tax deduction for a portion of your gift, and if you use appreciated securities to fund your gift, you will also receive capital gain tax savings.

Benefits of a Deferred Payment Gift Annuity:

• Lifetime fixed payments (a portion of which may be tax free) for you and/or your designee
• Immediate charitable income tax deduction for a portion of your gift
• Defer payments until you retire, are in a lower income tax bracket or when income is needed
• Reduction of capital gain tax if funded with appreciated securities
• Estate tax benefits
• Gift to Washington University

For information or a personal illustration contact the Office of Planned Giving or call (314) 935-5373 or (800) 835-3503.

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Please consult with your legal or tax advisor before making a charitable gift.


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