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Bear Club

​"Bear Club was the best part. We would not have come to St. Louis because normally we would have to find a sitter for our kids. Bear Club made it happen for us - and our kids loved it." - 2017 Reunion Celebrant 


Bear ClubBear Club allows alumni to enjoy their Friday and Saturday night Reunion events while knowing that their children will be entertained and cared for by licensed and bonded temporary professional nannies from TLC for Kids assisted by Washington University staff and students.


Bear Club Tracks

Bear Club is divided into five recommended tracks to 
ensure age-appropriate and engaging activities for all. 
See below for a full schedule and activity descriptions.
Baby Bears: Under 2
Childcare is available for infants and toddlers during both Bear Club sessions. Care and age-appropriate activities will be provided by staff from TLC for Kids, a licensed and bonded temporary child care service, and supervised Washington University Staff.

Cub Club: Ages 2-5

Pre-K children will enjoy an age-appropriate science workshop, a show by Juggling Jeff, and a comedy hula hoop show with Donesha Buhr. A movie and arts and craft will add to the fun!​

WashU Bears: Ages 6-8

Children will participate in engaging activities that are both exciting and educational. Activities include different science workshops and a show by Juggling Jeff.
​Ursa Bears: Ages 9-11
Children will participate in fun and educational activities, including science workshops and a show by Juggling Jeff.
Grizzly Bears: Ages 12+
Older children will enjoy a fun science workshop, a pizza cooking class, and a show by Juggling Jeff. They will also have the opportunity to play video games, foosball, board games, pool, etc. in the Student Fun Room.

Session 1: Friday, April 13th | 5:30-8:30 p.m.
$15 per child

Schedule is subject to change.

Time Cub Club​: Ages 2-5 ​WashU Bears: Ages 6-8 ​Ursa Bears: Ages 9-11 ​Grizzly Bears: Ages 12+
​5:30 p.m. ​ ​Arrival ​ ​
​5:45 p.m. ​ ​Dinner ​ ​
​6:30 p.m. ​St. Louis Science
Center Workshop:
Build It! Test It! Fix It!
​St. Louis Science
Center Workshop:
Icky, Sticky, Science
​St. Louis Science
Center Workshop:
Physics Phun
​St. Louis Science
Center Workshop:
Physics Phun
​7:30 p.m. ​Movies, Crafts,
and Games
​Movies, Crafts,
and Games
Movies, Crafts,
and Games​
​Student Fun Room
​8:30 p.m. ​ ​Departure ​ ​

Session 2: Saturday, April 14th | 6:15-11:15 p.m.
$25 per child

 Schedule is subject to change.

Time Cub Club​: Ages 2-15 WashU Bears​: Ages 6-8 Ursa Bears​: Ages 9-11 Grizzly Bears​: Ages 12+
​6:15 p.m. ​Arrival ​ ​ ​
​6:30 p.m. ​Dinner ​ ​ ​Snack and
Student Fun
Room activities
​7:15 p.m. ​Hula Hoop and
Juggling Show with Donesha Buhr
​Mad Science
or Art Workshop
​Mad Science
or Art Workshop
​Pizza Cooking Class
(Includes Dinner) ​
​8:15 p.m. ​Cookie Decorating ​Ice Cream
Sundae Bar
​Ice Cream
Sundae Bar
​8:45 p.m.

​Movie, Crafts,
and Games ​

​Juggling Jeff Show ​Juggling Jeff Show Juggling Jeff Show​
​9:45 p.m. ​Movies, Crafts, and Games ​Movies, Crafts, and Games ​Movies, Crafts,
and Games
​11:15 p.m. ​Departure ​ ​ ​

Activity Descriptions

Build It! Test It! Fix It! presented by the St. Louis Science Center
Using the story of the Three Little Pigs, build a house using reclaimed materials. Then put your house to the test in front of our Big Bad Wolf Fan to see if he can blow your house down!

Icky Sticky Science presented by the St. Louis Science Center
These fun, hands-on activities will build interest in material science, increase understanding of concepts, and develop processing skills. Activities may include oobleck, slime, silly putty, pop rockets and more. Get ready to get sticky and even take home your own polymer!

Physics Phun presented by the St. Louis Science Center
Explore the world of force and motion using challenge based activities! Groups may rotate through multiple stations or focus on a specific content area by means of a guided experience. Investigations may also cover matter and energy, magnetism or simple machines.

wHoops! and Hula Hoop Workshop
Giggle and participate in a comedy hooping show with the Hula Hoop Extraordinaire, Donesha Buhr!

Lights...Color...Action! presented by Mad Science of St. Louis
Celebrate the science of color! Split your name in ink and reveal numbers with color filters. Color the world with your very own Technicolor Blender!

Detective Science presented by Mad Science of St. Louis
Help crack a case. Inspect fingerprints, mystery powders, ink samples, and teeth impressions. Create a composite from memory. Use the Personal Profile kit to build an identity.

Juggling Jeff Show
Jeff will entertain with his many tricks including juggling clubs and balls, riding a unicycle, and escaping a straitjacket.

Student Fun Room at Washington University
The Fun Room features a pool and Foosball table along with a variety of games and multimedia systems.



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