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As an ambassador, we ask that you contact classmates to encourage them to return to campus for Reunion, participate in your class gift at any dollar amount, and attend Reunion on April 13-15, 2018.  

Alumni ambassadors are invaluable to the success of Reunion. Without classmate networks, we could not have the same reach. We know the more alumni that attend Reunion, the better it will be! So we ask you to sign up to contact classmates and spread the word about Reunion 2018.

Fill out our Ambassador Interest Form to sign up to be a Reunion 2018 Ambassador. A Reunion staff liaison will be in touch with you soon.
As an ambassador, we will provide you with monthly updates on your Reunion Class goals and other pertinent information. Please read these updates and feel free to contact your staff liaison with any questions. Furthermore, your Reunion staff liaison will send you a customized Reunion Ambassador Guide. It includes a planning timeline, tips on classmate outreach, and information about the Reunion Class Gift Program. Our hope is that the guide can be a resource for our ambassadors to refer to throughout the year.
The main goal of an ambassador is to contact classmates - reaching out to your friends and classmates and encouraging them to 1) Attend Reunion April 13-15, 2018 2) Join you on the Ambassador Committee and 3) Give a gift of any amount in honor of your Reunion. Your Reunion staff liaison can provide you with contact information specified by individual persons, group, location, school, etc.

Also, you can generate positive buzz about Reunion at Thurtene Carnival 2018 by using social media to help us reach more alumni and serve as a valuable asset to the Alumni Association's Reunion communication efforts. Start by liking our Reunion Facebook page and share posts with friends. Find out more information on our Reunion Social Media resource page. 
When classmates come back they give back. So getting your friends to attend can make a huge difference to the university's Reunion Class Gift effort. We ask each of our committee members to make a gift of any amount in honor of their Reunion. This shows others of their personal commitment to Washington University, which makes the giving message even stronger.

What makes the Reunion Class Gift so easy is that you can designate your gift to the school, program, or scholarship of your choice and it is then automatically counted into the Reunion Class Gift. Therefore, it does not need to be a separate contribution from what you or your classmates may regularly give. Also, the total amount of a five year pledge will count toward the Reunion Class Gift. For more information, please contact your Reunion Class Gift liaison. 
Last, but definitely not least, CELEBRATE April 13-15, 2018! As an ambassador, we do not require that you work Reunion Weekend. Rather, we want you to enjoy your Reunion with friends and classmates. Also, we would like to thank you at Reunion with a small gift as a token of our appreciation at our special Reunion Ambassador table. We can't wait to see you next spring! 











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