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Reunion Internships

Interns with Chancellor Wrighton Interns celebrate a successful Reunion with Chancellor Wrighton.

The Reunion Internship Program is an exciting program in which students work with Alumni Relations Staff to carry out the dozens of events that take place over both of our Reunion Weekends. Students learn about the many facets of event planning, management and execution, while primarily helping Alumni Association staff hold successful Reunion events. During both weekends, students have the opportunity to meet and talk with the many prominent alumni who return to celebrate their Reunions.

Food is always provided on interns’ shifts, and the students receive a thank you check at the end of their internship. 

 Being a reunion intern is not only fun, but there are many benefits including:

​• Alumni networking opportunities
• Event planning experience
• Working with Alumni Association staff
• Fun group outings
• Delicious food
For more information, please contact the Alumni Association​ or call (314) 935-6503.

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