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SAA’s mission is to connect students with alumni. SAA members act as liaisons between the Alumni association and the student body by serving as ambassadors at alumni events, by being premier tour guides to visitors, and by planning student/alumni networking events. SAA also holds a variety of events at which students can interact with alumni informally. In the past, for example, we’ve held student/alumni networking events and student/alumni mentorship dinners at which speakers focused on a broad range of topics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are SAA’s members?
Possibly you! We are a diverse body of students: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, from various academic divisions. Most of us are involved in other campus groups and activities as well.
What is SAA’s mission?
We aim to facilitate social and professional connections between Washington University alumni and students. 
When/How often does SAA meet?
We meet bi-weekly throughout the academic year.
How is the SAA presence evident on campus?
Our presence is apparent in our actions — through our strong connections forged with the Alumni Association and our useful efforts with campus partners such as the Career Center.
Why does SAA exist?
Our purpose is to foster connections between the student body and the Alumni Association, and to implement special programming to increase student-alumni interaction. SAA organizes programs that grant students greater access to alumni as resources.
How do I become a member of SAA?
To join SAA, please complete this application, and you will be contacted for a brief interview. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to your becoming a member of SAA! 
Have more questions? 
For more information, please contact the Alumni Association or call (314) 935-6503.

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