We are so excited that approximately 2,000 first-year students will be joining the Class of 2025!

The Admissions Office offered extensive virtual opportunities for admitted students to get to know us, as well as limited, in-person walk through opportunities on campus prior to the deposit deadline. Through this work, the enrolling class is currently full. Recognizing that it is an unusual year, we have released most of the wait list while inviting a small number of students to remain on the wait list while we evaluate any availability.

This is one of the largest and most diverse classes on record. A robust 25 percent of the class identifies as
underrepresented students of color, 16 percent are Pell-Eligible, 12 percent are first-generation college students, and they represent 49 states and 20 countries.

Enrolling students have been receiving information about the fall semester, including Bear Essentials for
, which provides a brief overview of important to-do items for new students to complete over the summer, as well as key resources that will aid in their success. They are also invited to connect with one another through Bear Beginnings: Summer Engagement Series.