Parents of current undergraduates serve as our best resources for the parents of prospective students. APAP parent volunteers help in the following ways:

Congratulations Calling Program 

During the spring, current APAP parent volunteers contact and congratulate families of students who have been admitted to encourage them to enroll. APAP volunteers share their experiences as WashU parents, answer questions about the university, and provide information about upcoming admitted student and family events. These connections are great ways for current families to share their love of WashU with prospective families.

Parent to Parent Calling

During early summer, APAP parent members volunteer to call parents of enrolling students from their area to welcome them to the WashU community. These calls are great opportunities for parent volunteers to connect with the parents of enrolling students and answer any questions they may have about the university and St. Louis.

Parents Resource List

APAP parents volunteers serve as resources to admitted students and their parents by sharing their contact information on the Parents Resource List. We encourage parents of admitted students to call or email a current parent in their area with questions.

International Resource List

International APAP parent volunteers (and alumni) serve as resources to admitted international students and their parents by sharing their contact information on the International Resource List. We encourage parents of admitted international students to call or email a current parent in their area with questions.


High school students and their families learn more about prospective colleges and universities by attending college fairs in their hometowns—typically hosted at local high schools on evenings and weekends. Students can collect brochures, ask questions, and join mailing lists. WashU is invited to hundreds of college fairs each year, but we are unable to send admissions officers to all of them. Instead, we rely on our APAP volunteers to represent the university at these events.

All volunteers receive emails from the APAP office about staffing college fairs in their area. If you’d like to participate, simply reply to let us know! We’ll follow up with all the information you’ll need, such as our Admissions Information Guide (PDF). For more information, contact Angela Foley at 314-935-8011.


APAP hosts several events throughout the year for prospective, admitted, and enrolling students. Our APAP volunteers are essential to the success of these events. Visit APAP Events for more information.

Students at convocation
Three students at move in day
Students lounging in grass in front of Danforth building
Parents at a high school college fair representing WashU
Students at an admitted student reception

If you would like to participate in any of these activities, please sign up to join APAP! If you are already a member, please log into the APAP Volunteer Portal and click the “edit activities” link, or contact APAP.