Dear APAP parent volunteers,

We wish to thank each and every one of you for volunteering your time to introduce and welcome families to WashU. It is with some bittersweetness that we are aging out of our role as parent chairs of APAP. Our son, Ian, just graduated from WashU and we have recently returned from graduation with a deep sense of what a wonderful choice WashU was for both of our children—and for us a parents. Our involvement in APAP enriched our connection to the university, and it has been enormously satisfying to be able to welcome other families into this exceptional institution and the experience it has offered our children.

The WashU community is truly unique, and we believe that the university’s commitment and focus on the undergraduate experience distinguishes it among its peer institutions. A huge part of what makes WashU so special is the dedication of parents like you who volunteer their time to welcome new families to the university and smooth their transition into this seminal period in our children’s lives.

We hope that each of you will continue your important work on behalf of WashU.  It is invaluable to the university and will deepen your connection to the institution that is providing so much to your children.

Warmest Regards,

John and Gwen Litchmann
Parents of Elizabeth, AB ’21, and Ian, AB ’23
APAP Chairs of Parent Members