Thank you for a great start to 2024!  We had 29 APAP Interview Days in January and have been receiving many interview report forms from interviewers.     


4,209 interview reports have been submitted as of today, and 868 APAP alumni volunteers conducted one or more interviews this season. 

The deadline for interviewers to submit reports was February 1.  We can still accept late reports over the next few days if the interview has already taken place and the volunteer has not yet been able to submit the report.   

Alumni should not be making initial outreach to applicants at this time. 

student being interview by an APAP volunteer

If an interviewer accepted an interview and never reached out to the student, they can change their response to “decline.” 

Thank you for an incredible interview season and for helping to personalize the application process for so many applicants from around the world. 

Interview Days

THANK YOU to all chairs who led APAP Interview Days last month. Your help with recruiting volunteers in the weeks leading up to the Interview Day, and your flexibility, resourcefulness, and hospitality at the event generated great feedback such as this from a student who attended the Fairfield County, CT Interview Day: 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have been interviewed in-person at the event, and my interviewer was extremely kind and informative. I got to learn about my interviewer’s experience with everything from the Congress of the South 40 to undergraduate research, which helped me imagine my own engagement in exciting aspects of the WashU experience!” 

Thanking your volunteers 

This is a great time to reach out to volunteers on your committee who conducted interviews to thank them for taking time to have those meaningful conversations with applicants.  The APAP staff thanks volunteers regularly throughout the season, but volunteers love to hear from you as their local leader(s).  You can run a list of interviewing members in the “My Committee Members” tab in the Volunteer Portal. Click on “Download Committee List” then look for anyone with a number greater than zero in the “assigned_submitted” column. 

Early Decision II admissions decisions 

The Admissions Office will soon notify Early Decision II applicants about their admissions decisions. 

If you interviewed an Early Decision II applicant who is admitted, you will receive an email from us about logging in to the Volunteer Portal to view the decision(s).  As an APAP chair, you will also be able to view all the admitted students who matched for APAP interviews in your area.  Early Decision is a binding commitment, so these admitted students will be joining us in the fall.   

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