Accepting and Declining Interviews

If you are an interviewing alumni volunteer, please take a minute to log in to the Volunteer Portal to see if you have been assigned any interviews. Please then either accept or decline the interviews as soon as possible. This is an important step, as we may be able to reassign interviews that you decline.


Regular Decision interview reports are due by February 1. 

Early Decision II interview reports are due by January 15

Submitting the Report

In order for the interview to be considered complete, please submit a form for ALL students you have accepted, even if they declined the interview offer or you could not reach them. Your job is done once you have attempted to contact the student three times within two weeks, but you still must submit the report for the assignment to be complete. To submit an interview report, log in to the Volunteer Portal, click on the student’s name, and scroll to the very bottom of the Applicant Details box.