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Happy New Year! 

We are in the home stretch of the interview season! Thank you for continuing to assign and reassign Regular Decision interviews in your Portal and for all your help with staffing Interview Days throughout the country. 

Two-factor update

As you may know, WashU IT has recently made some changes to the two-factor authentication process (2FA) necessary when logging in with your WUSTL key.  This has caused a lot of frustration for our volunteers, and we want to let you know that we’ve heard you and are working for a better resolution.  

For now, IT has reinstated the “Call Me” authentication method for any APAP volunteer who hasn’t already moved to the Duo mobile app “Push” method.   APAP members who haven’t already made the switch can continue to receive DUO phone calls to connect.  We hope this helps APAP volunteers more easily log in to our Portal, and we apologize to those of you who have had issues making this transition.

If you do need to contact the WashU Service Desk regarding the 2FA process, however, please identify yourself as an APAP volunteer. Thank you for your patience! 


We are no longer adding any new students to the Portal, so what you see in your queue is what you have left to assign/reassign for the remainder of the season.  We are nearly there! 

Here are a few important reminders:

  • Please do not assign or reassign any Early Decision II students at this time, as the deadline for EDII Interview Report Forms is January 15.  
  • To ensure that you don’t reassign an applicant to the same interviewer, the history in the applicant details box indicates the last three interviewers you assigned to that applicant.  
  • The numbers in parentheses after each interviewer in your drop-down list indicates the number of assigned interviews followed by the number of submitted interviews.  If you notice a volunteer with several assigned, but none submitted, please consider reaching out to them to make sure that they are receiving your assignments.
  • There may be more students in your Portal than you are able to assign.  The best way to prioritize is by application date.  Please know that you do not have to match all the students on your list.
  • You can find instructions for navigating the Portal and instructions for assigning interviews in the Chair Resources section of the APAP website, as well as on the Portal.
  • If you are unable to assign interviews and/or need any help, please contact your APAP staff liaison.  We are here to help in any way!

Interview Days

Interview Days are in full swing!  A list of all Interview Days is available on the APAP website.

If you are staffing an Interview Day, please review your role as an Interview Day site leader so that you know what to expect before, during, and after the event. You can also find information on the APAP website about we share with alumni and parent volunteers about their roles at the Interview Day.  

If you are having an Interview Day the weekend of January 20 and 21, the APAP staff has been in touch with you regarding volunteer needs.  If your Interview Day is taking place the weekend of January 27 and 28, you can expect to hear from us soon.  You can also feel free to reach out if you’d like to know how signs ups are looking. 

All chairs in Interview Day committees should continue to assign any Regular Decision students that are in your queue in the Portal.

Save the date for a virtual conversation with Vice Provost Ronné Turner

Join Ronné Turner, vice provost of admissions and student financial services, and Lori Davis-West, AB ’84, WashU parent and co-chair of the WashU Black Alumni Council: New York Chapter, for a virtual conversation on Wednesday, February 28 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. CST to discuss the current admission landscape and the university’s efforts to recruit a talented and diverse student body.

Registration is required.


Early Decision II
Please do not assign any more EDII interviews to your volunteers. 

All Early Decision II interview reports are due by January 15.

Regular Decision
Please continue to assign RD students—in order of application date—until January 17.  

All Regular Decision interview reports are due by February 1.