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In lieu of celebrating in person in May 2021, we look forward to celebrating you virtually!

Alumni ambassadors are invaluable to the success of Reunion. Without classmate networks, we could not have the same reach. Join your Reunion committee as an Ambassador to help us spread the word about this year’s virtual Reunion events and experiences.​ 

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​As an ambassador, we ask that you:

1. Participate in virtual Reunion events

2. Make a gift of any amount in honor of your Reunion

3. Contact 15-20 assigned classmates to notify them about virutal events and encourage their participation

4. Participate in 1-2 Zoom meetings to discuss virtual Reunion events and connect with other committee members
Fill out our Ambassador Interest Form to sign up to be a Reunion 2021 Ambassador. A Reunion staff liaison will be in touch with you soon. For further questions please contact the Alumni Association at 800-867-2586 or

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When classmates participate in Reunion they give back. So getting your friends to attend Reunion events, whether virtual or in person, can make a huge difference to the university's Reunion Class Gift effort. We ask each of our committee members to make a gift of any amount in honor of their Reunion. This shows others of their personal commitment to Washington University, which makes the giving message even stronger. For more information, click here









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