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  1. The purpose of the University Advancement website (hereafter termed “website”) of Washington University in St. Louis (“Washington University” or “the university), at, is to inform, engage and encourage the involvement and support of site visitors (“users”), i.e., Washington University alumni, friends, faculty, and enrolled students and their parents (“university community”).
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  3. For certain sections of the website, the website employs a secure registration system and login area whereby members of the Washington University community are granted different levels of access depending upon their registered-user category (e.g., alumni, parents, students, volunteers).  Permissions vary as to levels of access to the online university Alumni Directory (“Directory”) or, when relevant, to the ability to view certain otherwise restricted pages (e.g., volunteer manuals, event registration lists). The purpose of the Alumni Directory is to facilitate communication among university alumni and within the university community. Registered site users also may elect to provide secure information that, for the user’s convenience, will reappear on web-based forms whenever he or she registers for a university-sponsored event.
  4. Enrolled Washington University students have access to the website and have limited access to the Alumni Directory.  For the purposes of networking, students may obtain Alumni Directory information for only those alumni and parents who have elected to be accessible through student searches.  Parents of current university students may choose to create directory profiles to facilitate event registration (see 3. above), but they cannot access or search other profiles. Parents of current university students may also elect to allow students to access their directory profile for networking purposes.
  5. Information in the website Alumni Directory contains information from university records and as provided by individual alumni for their own records.  This includes, but is not limited to, name; major(s) at Washington University; degree(s) earned at the university and the graduation year(s); telephone number(s); email address(es); professional history; and alumni activities. Alumni can choose to suppress publication of their information on a field-by-field basis, with limited exceptions.   Alumni Directory information is available to other alumni who have secure access to the site.  By default, alumni information is unavailable to students, but alumni may choose to have their profiles appear in student searches (see 4. above).
    Alumni may request to be omitted from the Alumni Directory by contacting Alumni & Constituent Engagement at or 866-988-7477.
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    Updated February 14, 2020