Why do APAP volunteers need to use Two-Factor Authorization (Duo)?

Duo protects access to your WUSTL accounts and email, even if your password is guessed or stolen. Universities are prime targets for Internet thieves attempting to gain quick access to personal information and use compromised accounts to attack other businesses and institutions. Many other businesses and universities employ 2FA to enhance security and decrease instances of phishing attacks. Learn more about 2FA.

How do I reactivate Duo on a new mobile phone?

Instructions (PDF) for reactivating Duo on a new mobile phone.

I signed up for APAP, but have not received any emails.

Please be sure to add apap@wustl.edu to your safe senders list so that our emails don’t get caught in your spam or junk folders. If you have a Gmail account, make sure to check the promo tab. If you still aren’t receiving emails or need any assistance, please contact us at 314-935-4826 or apap@wustl.edu.

I was assigned an interview and can’t see the student’s contact information in the Portal.

In order for the “applicant details” box to appear, you will first need to accept the interview, which you can do by clicking “Accept” in the Interviewer Response column.

I have been trying to reach the student I was assigned for the past month and I have not received a response. How much longer should I attempt to contact him/her?

We ask that you make three attempts within two weeks (including at least once by phone and email). If you don’t hear back from the student after three attempts to reach them, please submit the Interview Report Form via the APAP Volunteer Portal and mark the report as “could not reach.” This will complete the interview in our system.

The student I was assigned to interview declined the interview opportunity, but I keep getting reminders about submitting the report.

You should submit an interview report form for all students you accept, including those you can’t reach or decline the interview opportunity.

Why am I being assigned to a student who lives in a different state?

You have signed up to conduct additional interviews outside of your committee area. If this no longer works with your schedule, you can log in to the volunteer portal to decline the interview assignment and then update your APAP activities by indicating “No” to conducting virtual interviews outside of your committee area.

I’d like to conduct more interviews this season. Do you need more help?

We can definitely use more help conducting interviews! We suggest that you reach out to your chair(s) to let them know that you are willing to conduct additional interviews. You can also sign up to conduct additional interviews outside of your committee area (within the US and/or internationally) by logging in to the volunteer portal and updating your APAP activities.

When are the interview reports due?

You should submit the report form within one month of accepting the assignment.

Final deadlines are:
Early Decision I – due by November 15
Early Decision II – due by January 15
Regular Decision – due by February 1