Did you know that you can email your committee members directly from the Portal? Within the “My Committee Members” section of the Portal, simply click on an email address to email a volunteer directly from your default email account.

You can download a current list of your committee members at any time from the “My Committee Members” section of the Portal.  The downloadable Committee List includes detailed information about your members, including email addresses, should you want to email a group of volunteers.  Please note that ALL local committee members are listed here, including parents (who do not conduct interviews) as well as those members who choose not to conduct applicant interviews.  This is denoted in the “active interviewer” column with a yes (which means active interviewer) or a no (which means not an active interviewer). 

If you would like to email your local interviewing members as a group, you can click on the red “Email interviewers” link in the “My Committee Members” section of the Portal.   New this year: If a member told us how many interviews they are willing to complete, you can find this information in the column “APAP possible interview count.”