We value the health and safety of our Washington University travelers and are coordinating with on- and off-campus experts to plan our trip schedule accordingly. We remain hopeful that all trips will depart as planned as the world opens up for exploration. Please note that each company maintains its own policies and makes determinations regarding whether trips will depart as scheduled.

While the Washington University Alumni Association is pleased to promote travel opportunities for alumni with tour operators that specialize in high-quality educational travel, please note that Washington University does not manage or operate these travel experiences. Tour operators and travelers are responsible for making their own safety decisions concerning travel. Specific tour operator and national health and safety protocols will apply to each trip, and travelers should review all protocols and trip terms and conditions, including terms and conditions regarding cancellations, refunds, health and safety, and insurance prior to making a reservation.

Washington University is not responsible for changes to trips or travel arrangements.  Please note: all of our travel vendors require travelers to have their COVID vaccination in order to participate. We recommend that all travelers familiarize themselves with and follow the Centers for Disease Control guidance for international travel. This guidance outlines what travelers should do before, during, and after travel, including testing requirements to re-enter the U.S.