You are doing a great job of assigning interviews in the Volunteer Portal!  A few updates and reminders:

Interview Assigning FAQ for Chairs

Many of the answers to the great questions you are asking can be found on the FAQ for chairs about assigning interviews. For detailed instructions on how to assign interviews, please review How to Assign Interviews.

Regular Decision Interviews with October Application Dates Just Added

You may have noticed that there are some new Regular Decision applicants in your queue with application dates from October. QuestBridge is a platform that connects bright students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities, one of which is WashU. Students are selected for admission to these colleges and universities through a match process that just took place last week.  Any student who did not match has been placed into the Regular Decision applicant pool, which is why you are just now seeing these students in your Portal. Please try assign these applicants for interviews, if possible.  

Interviewers Who Have Never Logged in to the Volunteer Portal

The APAP staff will be sending text messages to alumni volunteers who have never logged in to the Portal to remind them about this important step they must take. We hope that this effort will result in more interviewers for you to utilize as you make assignments.  You can help with this effort, too. Please check your committee list on the Portal and reach out to with anyone who has not logged in this season (since July 1, 2021).   


  • We are no longer matching Early Decision I applicants for interviews. 
  • You will continue to see new Early Decision II and Regular Decision students in your queue.  Please assign Early Decision II applicants as quickly as possible, as the completed reports for Early Decision II are due no later than January 15. The final deadline for Regular Decision reports is February 1.

Reassigning Interviews

  • An interview in your queue that is marked “Decline” or “Expired” needs to be reassigned to another member.  This interview was either actively declined by the member to whom you assigned it or was automatically expired if the member did not take action (accept or decline) within a week.
  • If you see an applicant in your queue who is marked “assigned,” yet there is no interviewer name populating in the assignment box, this may be because the interviewer moved out of your committee area or is no longer an active APAP volunteer.  Please contact APAP if you encounter any assigned interviews with missing interviewer information so that we can resolve these issues. 

Managing Volume

  • New this year, we ask volunteers to let us know how many interviews they are willing to conduct over the course of the APAP season.  You can find this information for each of your volunteers in the “My Committee Members” section of the Portal.  
  • There may be more students in your Portal than you are able to assign.  The best way to prioritize is by round (EDII first, then RD), then by application date.  Please know that you do not have to match all the students on your list.  
  • Due to the volume of applications and the number of available interviewers, we anticipate that we will stop matching applicants to committees around December 15 (domestic) and December 22 (international).
  • If you are unable to assign interviews and/or need any help, please contact your APAP staff liaison.  We realize that the volume is heavy this year and we’re here to help in any way!