I need more members for my committee!

In late summer, we sent all chairs a list of alumni who are not current APAP members who live in their committee areas. If you would like us to resend this list to you so that you may reach out to these alumni to encourage them to join APAP, please let us know. The APAP staff is also happy to post a message on your city’s alumni Facebook group page (if one exists) and also to reach out to our colleagues who travel to your area to ask for suggestions of great volunteers.

If I know which volunteer I want to assign to a student, can I just type in their name?

Yes! You can just start typing their name in the interviewer field.

I have so many students to assign. How should I prioritize them?

The list of applicants is sorted (by default) by Round, then Application Date, then Assignment Status. You should prioritize assignments in this way:

• Round (EDI, EDII, then RD)
• Earliest Application Date (please give priority to EDI, EDII, then RD applications submitted before December 15)

Who are the extra people in my drop down menu of interviewers?

This year, we have asked APAP alumni volunteers if they would be willing to conduct additional interviews outside of their committee areas. Anyone who indicated their interest in helping out in this way will appear after committee members.

The words “LOCAL” and “ADDITIONAL” are indicated after each interviewer name.
Assign interviews to your local committee volunteers as much as possible, before moving to the additional volunteers.

The number of assigned interviews and the number of submitted interviews are indicated for each volunteer (underlined in black in the screen shot below). This will help you to manage the interview volume for each member.

How do I know if someone is willing to take on more interviews?

In the drop-down menu of interviewers, you will see the number of assigned interviews and the number of submitted interviews indicated for each volunteer (underlined in black in the screen shot below). This will help you to manage the interview volume for each member.

How do I make sure that I don’t reassign a student to the same interviewer?

You can see the history of reassigned interviews in the Applicant Details box. This is a list of up to three interviewers (not chronological) to whom you have tried to assign a specific student. This is provided to help you avoid reassigning the student to the same volunteer.

Can I sort/filter for only declines, expires, etc.?

Your Applicants to Assign to My Members list is sorted by Round (EDI, EDII, RD), then Application Date, then Assignment Status (accept, declined, expired), which is the order in which you should prioritize assignments. You can click on any column to re-sort as needed.

Where can I find a snapshot of the statistics for my committee?

If you click on “My Committee Members,” you can see the total number of interviews assigned, how many are within your committee or elsewhere, the number of interview reports submitted, and the date each member last logged in to the Volunteer Portal. To download a committee list as a spreadsheet, with complete contact information, click on Download Committee List.

All the interviews I have assigned to a few of my members keep expiring.

This would be a great time to reach out to those volunteers to confirm that they are receiving the interview assignment emails, which come from apap@wustl.edu and/or that they are not having any trouble logging in to the Portal. You can tell the last date on which they logged in to the Portal by clicking on “My Committee Members.” You can try calling or texting the member if they don’t seem to be responding to email. Please direct any questions or problems to apap@wustl.edu.

What should I do when I feel like I can’t assign any more applicants?

Reach out to your APAP staff liaison and we can help you decide the best course of action. Please avoid assigning students to APAP* until you have communicated with us.

I accidentally changed the interviewer for a student who was already assigned. What should I do?

You can change the name back to the person to whom you originally assigned the interview if the status is pending or accepted. If the status is declined or expired, you should assign the student to a new volunteer.

An interview is marked accepted, but the interviewer name is blank.

Occasionally you may see an Assignment Status of accept but the interviewer name does not display. You do not need to do anything further with that assignment. This typically happens if members accept the interview but subsequently change their status regarding conducting interviews outside of their area (for example, they may feel that they cannot accept additional assignments). You ONLY need to worry about reassigning declined or expired Assignment Statuses.