Many of you kindly offered to make your contact information available on the Parents Resource List (PRL) to parents of admitted students last spring. We are creating another PRL for the fall so that prospective families may reach out to current WashU parents with questions that are best answered by you.

If you are willing to be included on the PRL, please follow these steps by 9/25/20 (this Friday):

  1. Log in to the APAP Portal. If you need help logging in, please contact APAP.
  2. Once you are logged in to the Portal, click Edit Profile (in red text, right side of page).
  3. Ensure the following information in your profile is correct, as this exact information will be included on the PRL:

    Your name
    Your city and state
    Your primary phone number
    Your email address
    Your student’s name, WashU school division, WashU graduation year, and high school or school of transfer.
  4. If you make any changes, select Update at the very bottom of the form to save your information.

After updating your profile, no further action is needed. Prospective families may reach out to you by phone or email throughout the next several months with questions about your family’s WashU experiences.