Washington University’s email forwarding service redirects all messages sent to your @wustl.edu email address to the email address of your choice.

Your @wustl.edu account is active for life; however, if you would like to create a @wustl.edu email address, you will need to contact the Alumni Association at alumniassociation@wustl.edu. If you would like to change your email forwarding information, please submit the form below.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll to obtain an email forwarding address?

Please contact the Alumni Association at alumniassociation@wustl.edu or 314-935-7378.

I already have an @alumni.wustl.edu or @wustl.edu email forwarding address and have a new destination address. How can I change that?

Please complete this form to change your email forwarding destination address.

How soon after I sign up or change my forwarding address will the forwarding take effect?

Your email forwarding account will be activated within three business days following your request.

I currently use multiple email addresses. Will my email forwarding account allow me to forward emails to all of them or just to one?

Email forwarding requires you to choose one address for all your forwarded email.

Will Washington University provide my Internet access and email after I sign up for alumni email forwarding?

No. Alumni email forwarding works as a link to your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will not be able to log onto your email account via a Washington University website or server.

Will I be able to send emails from my Washington University email?

After you set up a forwarding email address, you will continue to send email via your existing ISP, and your true sending address will appear on the “From” line of your outgoing message. However, many email programs allow you to set the default “Reply” address on your messages to something other than the sending address. By setting your default “Reply” address to your Washington University email address, responses from your correspondents will be sent to your alumni email forwarding address and redirected to your inbox.

How much does the service cost?

Email forwarding is provided free of charge to alumni of Washington University.