Welcome to APAP’s 2022-23 season of recruiting, interviewing, enrolling, and welcoming talented students from around the world! Thank you for all you will do to help personalize the admissions process for students and their families. As we celebrate our 30th year of APAP, we will be looking back at our three decades and invite you to share any APAP memories with us.  

APAP Portal: The Hub of Volunteer Participation

The APAP Volunteer Portal is where you will manage interview assignments (alumni) and your volunteer activities (alumni and parents).  

In order to access the Portal, you will need a WUSTL key and password. If you need help retrieving or setting up your WUSTL key, please contact APAP at apap@wustl.edu.

Please log in to the portal to agree to the eligibility requirements for this season.  All volunteers–both new and returning–must complete this step.

After completing the eligibility requirements, please visit the Edit Profile and Edit Activities sections of the Portal to ensure that your contact information and current activity interests are indicated correctly.

You can find instructions for how to navigate the Portal in the red navigation links on the Portal home page.

Important Interview Updates for Alumni Interviewers

  • All interviews during this season will be conducted by video conference, phone, or in person. Any option is fine, though you should defer to students’ preferences if possible and if geography allows.  
  • All interviewing alumni APAP members should review How to Conduct an APAP Interview.
  • We have started matching applicants for interviews! If you chair assigns you an interview, you will receive an email asking you to log in to the Volunteer Portal to accept or decline the interview.  You have one week to accept or decline the interview before it is returned to your chair.  Please check your email regularly.
  • We do not take requests for interviews from applicants.  Find out what we tell applicants about interviews. The APAP office does not notify students if they have been matched for an APAP interview. The interviewer’s initial email or phone call to the applicant will be the first communication to the applicant about the interview opportunity. There is a template in the Portal that you should use to contact the student.  
  • The Admissions Office has updated the Interview Report Form that you will complete after meeting with the student to be more useful in the application review process.
  • Please update your interview preferences by logging into the Portal and selecting “Edit Activities.” You can indicate how many interviews you are willing to conduct within your committee area, as well as whether you would like to conduct additional virtual interviews outside of your committee area. You can update this information at any point throughout the season, but this is a great time to make sure that your preferences are up-to-date. 

Looking for College Fair Volunteers

Fall is the busiest time for College Fairs, which are information gathering events for high school students to learn about colleges and universities. We rely on our APAP members–both parents and alumni–to staff many of these on behalf of WashU. In order to receive emails about College Fair staffing opportunities, you must opt in through the “Edit Activities” section of the APAP Portal

Information about how to staff College Fairs is included in the Admissions Guide for APAP Volunteers. This guide provides everything you need to know in order to staff a fair and contains answers to many questions that students and parents may ask.  We include a printed copy of the guide in all College Fair materials boxes.   

Please watch your email for requests to staff fairs in your area and consider staffing one of these events this fall!

Member Training Resources

All training resources for APAP volunteers are in the Member Resources section of the APAP website. In order to access this section, you will need your WUSTL key and password. If you need help retrieving or setting up your WUSTL key, please contact APAP

If you are a new volunteer, please complete the APAP Member Training at your earliest convenience. It should take about 15 minutes. We encourage returning volunteers to review the training as a refresher. 

The Admissions Guide for APAP Volunteers is where you will find information about the application process, financial assistance and scholarships, virtual visit opportunities for prospective students, and career outcomes for WashU graduates. The guide also includes all College Fair staffing directions. The WashU at a Glance is also a great summary of admissions-related information.   

The Undergraduate Admissions website is the best resource to help answer many of the questions you may receive from the students you meet. 

Admissions and APAP staff members are always available to you. You can find contact information for the APAP staff member and the Admissions Officer who works with your committee area in the Member Resources section of the APAP website.

Finally, be sure to read these regular newsletter updates, as they provide information about deadlines, volunteer opportunities, and news from campus.  You can view past issues in the Member Resources section of the APAP website.

New Executive Director of Admissions

Grace Chapin James has joined the Admissions Office as the executive director of admissions. She comes to WashU from the University of Chicago.  Many APAP chairs were able to meet her at Chair Conference last month, and we all look forward to working with her in the coming year.  

Meet the Class Of 2026

The newest WashU Bears have moved in and begun their lives as WashU students.  They come from 48 states and 27 countries and are members of the most diverse class in university history. Learn more about this incredible group of students, including average test scores, ethnicity and geographic information, as well as application numbers and statistics.