Current Members

To find out who is currently on your committee, log in to the Volunteer Portal and click “My Committee Members.”

New Alumni Members

Within the next couple weeks, we will send you a list of alumni who live in your committee area who are not current APAP members.  We encourage you to reach out to any or all of them to let these alumni know about APAP and encourage them to join.  

New Parent Members

This fall, the APAP staff will reach out by email and mail to parents of first and second-year students to invite them to join APAP.  

APAP Chairs, APAP Staff, and Admissions Officers

Connect with other chairs and find out the name and contact information for your APAP staff liaison and Admissions Officer.  The APAP Contact Sheet is available on the APAP website.  

Growing APAP

As always, please continue to spread the word about APAP to fellow alumni and parents.  We are excited to share that Admissions and Advancement leadership have asked us to work to grow our program.  Even with the combined efforts of the Admissions interns and the thousands of APAP volunteers, we are nowhere close to being able to offer interviews to all applicants who would like them, or to connect with prospective families in all the ways we would like.  This is our highest priority this year and we ask you for your help to achieve it.  Please share any and all suggestions you have and refer great potential volunteers to us.