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Washington University in St. Louis
Alumni & Development Programs
One Brookings Drive
Campus Box XXXX*
St. Louis, MO 63130
Phone: (866) 988-7477

*Please use the Campus Box number of the appropriate staff person.

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​Greater New York

​More than 13,000 Washington University alumni, parents and friends live in Greater New York. Events are hosted year-round, and we offer many opportunities to get involved. Be sure to check out the volunteer opportunities and the calendar of upcoming events.

For more information about events in Greater New York, we encourage you to contact Washington University staff members who travel there.

The university appreciates the work of our leaders in Greater New York; their names are listed below. Our volunteers are building on our momentum to achieve an even stronger presence there in the years ahead.

Find local alumni in our alumni directory.

New York City  

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​Campaign News

Washington University mascot Greater New York Regional Campaign Kickoff Alumni Speaker
More than 135 alumni, parents, and friends gathered for the Connecticut Regional Campaign Kickoff, part of the Greater New York Regional Campaign for Leading Together: The Campaign for Washington University
Learn more about this exciting event and the campaign!
WU Club
WU Club Staff Contact
Suzanne Randolph Wagstaff Senior Associate Director
Regional Alumni ProgramsBaltimore, Hawaii, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC
(314) 935-5526 office
(314) 935-7297 fax
Campus Box 1210
Volunteer Leaders
Bennett Kleinberg AB '87 Chair
Danya Cheskis-Gold AB ‘07 Co-Chair Industry - Entrepreneur
Philip Crouse AB ‘07 Co-Chair - Industry - Entrepreneur
Nikki Rubin AB ‘07 Co-Chair Industry - Entrepreneur
Elizabeth Giardina BFA ‘02 Co-Chair Industry - WU Fashion Connects
Megan Maguire Steele BFA ‘02 Co-Chair Industry - WU Fashion Connects
Eliot Society
Eliot Society Staff Contact
Alicia M. Lifrak Senior Director, Leadership Annual Giving and Regional Eliot Society Programs
Annual Giving
(314) 935-2849 office
(314) 935-7297 fax
Campus Box 1210
Volunteer Leaders
Bob Ansehl AB '76, Parent Chair
Planned Giving
Planned Giving Staff Contact
Mark Weinrich Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director
Planned Giving
(314) 935-5203 office
(314) 935-7397 fax
Campus Box 1193
Regional Development Programs
Regional Development Programs Staff Contact
Denise Walker Regional Director of Development
Regional Development Programs
(314) 935-3084 office
(314) 935-7078 fax
Campus Box 1228
Nick Diefenbach Regional Director of Development
Regional Development Programs
(314) 935-9857 office
(314) 935-7078 fax
Campus Box 1228
Brent Jackson Executive Director
Regional Development Programs
(314) 935-3592 office
(314) 935-7078 fax
Campus Box 1228
Bill Stoll Vice Chancellor for Development
Major Gifts & Capital Projects
(314) 935-7574 office
(314) 935-9739 fax
Campus Box 1228
Jim St. Louis Regional Director of Development
Regional Development Programs
(314) 935-5243 office
(314) 935-7078 fax
Campus Box 1228
Volunteer Leaders
Ann Rubenstein Tisch AB '76 Chair, Regional Cabinet
Jerrold B. Grossman Chair - North Jersey, Regional Cabinet
APAP Staff Contact
Allison Davis Assistant Director
APAP - Alumni & Parents Admission Program
(314) 935-4736 office
(314) 935-8052 fax
Campus Box 1028
Volunteer Leaders
Laura Silverstein-Reef AB '01 Chair - Fairfield County, CT
Sarah Sowah BS '07, MS '07 Chair - Mercer County, NJ
Hilary Kaplan AB '92 Chair - Middlesex County, NJ
Jean Ellefson AB '94, BS '94 Chair - Central New York
Pam Bookbinder Clarke AB '06 Chair - Morris & Essex Counties, NJ
Sara Yood AB '03 Chair - New York City
Stacy Yeung AB '01, JD '04 Chair - New York City
Elana M. Santibanez BSBA '09 Chair - Long Island
Melissa Curtis BSBA '09 Chair - Long Island
Caroyln Hauptman BSBA '90 Chair - Westchester County
Lisa Gemborys BSBA '11 Chair - Northern New Jersey
Wendi Uzar BS '02 Chair - Northern New Jersey
Parent Programs
Parent Programs Staff Contact
David Sims Director
Parent Programs
(314) 935-4836 office
(314) 935-5111 fax
Campus Box 1202

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