Emails go out weekly on Wednesdays to chairs who have applicants to assign. These could be new applicants who have matched to the Portal, applicants who were declined by an assigned interviewer, or assignments which expired because the interviewer did not accept or decline the assignment within seven days.

You can easily sort by “Round” (to prioritize EDI) and/or “Assignment Status” (to look for expired/declined assignments) by clicking on the column heading. Please note that all Early Decision I (EDI) assignments or reassignments must be completed this week to allow the interviewer sufficient time to conduct the interview by the December 1 deadline. 

Please assign interviews to your local committee members first, then utilize the additional interviewers outside of your region, as needed. These interviewers are listed below your committee members.  

Please be sure to review instructions for navigating the Portal and instructions for assigning interviews.

Check out the interview assigning FAQs for answers to many questions you may have about making interview assignments

We require that all volunteers log in to the Portal in order to participate in APAP. Please check your committee list on the Portal and consider following up with anyone who has not logged in this season (since July 1, 2021) since they are unable to participate in interviews until they do so. We know that the volume of interviews is high. Remember that the APAP staff is here for you!  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with questions or if you need help making or prioritizing assignments.