Membership is open to all women who are interested in joining the Woman’s Club. Your fully tax-deductible membership/donation contribution supports our ongoing mission.

Print Form

To join or donate using a printed form, please download and print this form and mail with your payment. Guest Memberships are complimentary for the first year.


To join or support the Woman’s Club online please select the link below. Guest Memberships are complimentary for the first year.

Honorary Members

We welcome these special members and appreciate their involvement in the club. The Woman’s Club pays the membership dues of honorary members. There are four categories of honorary club members:

  1. Members who have belonged to the Woman’s Club for 50 or more years
  2. Members, spouses, or partners of the Washington University Board of Trustees
  3. Spouses of present and former chancellors and spouses of present and former provosts of Washington University
  4. Washington University staff assigned to support Woman’s Club operations