Officers and Executive Committee

Angie Bernardi

Julie Sward

Vice President (Business)
Judy Gezci

Vice President (Education)
Aixa Martinez

Vice President (Funding)
Nancy Garvey

Vice President (Membership)

Aster Beyene

Christina Bennett

Composing a Life
Lori Sullivan

Leadership Award
Kathy Fulstone

Elizabeth Embree

Sydney Loughran Wolf

Carol Armstrong

Vice Chairs

Business: Karen Berry Elbert

Education: Katie Claggett

Finance: Florence Terry Pullen

Funding: Barbara Bindler

Membership: Jenni Gemberling

Composing a Life: Callie Raspberry

Leadership Award: Ann Marie Ruhlin

Marketing/Communications: Becky Brown

Scholarship: Glenda Seldin

Board Members (term ending 2026)

Carol Armstrong
Laura Boedges
Becky Brown
Katie Claggett
Jenni Gemberling
Susan Gobbo
Kun Klotzer
Callie Raspberry
Sheri Sherman
Barbara Swalina
Julie Sward
Florence Terry Pullen
Susanne Franza Valdez
Melody Zhang

Ex–officio Board Member (term ending 2024)

Joni Karandjeff, Chair of Advisory Board

Student Board Members

The Women’s Society is now recruiting Student Board Members!

The Women’s Society of Washington University (WSWU) is an organization of women of all ages and backgrounds who support scholarships, university programs, and lectures for the benefit of the university and the St. Louis Community.

The purpose of the Women’s Society Student Board member is to provide student feedback to the Washington University Women’s Society impacting student life. The WSWU student board member will advise the board in the areas of student funded projects, Bear Necessities products, leadership awards, symposiums and scholarships.

The Board meets quarterly, in-person on various days of the week 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. and lunch is included. Student board members will have the opportunity to interact with the Women’s Society Board and other senior leaders of Washington University.

Applications to the WSWU are collected each fall. Students must be in good standing and be willing to engage in dialogue about ways to improve the student experience, with the overall goal of improving engagement of WS with our students to make the student experience better for all students. The application deadline for 2023-24 is Sept. 15, 2023. Those interested in applying should submit the application found at this link.