The Alumni Board of Governors is an advisory board whose mission is to assist the Alumni Association in strengthening bonds within and between WashU alumni and the Washington University family.

The Alumni Board of Governors, comprised of individuals from a variety of schools, class years, and backgrounds, serves as a voice for the more than 150,000 graduates that make up our global network. The work of the board complements that of other volunteer organizations, such as the Alumni & Parents Admission Program, the Regional Cabinets, National Councils, the Reunion program, and the Alumni Networks. Together, the board’s efforts continually strengthen and expand the vibrant alumni community, and ensure an ever-better future for Washington University.

Interested in serving on the Alumni Board of Governors?


Susan CohenAssociate Vice Chancellor, Alumni and Constituent Engagement


Lisa Rosenkranz headshot

Lisa Rosenkranz, BSBA ’82

Glencoe, Ill., Boca Raton, Fla.

Valerie Davisson

Valerie Davisson,
MA ’89

Executive Vice Chair
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Susan Warshaw headshot

Susan Warshaw,
MSW ’79

Immediate Past Chair
St. Louis, Mo.

Vice Chairs

Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Kantor Fleischner, AB ’95

Denver, Colo.

Darren Riley

Darren Riley, AB ’94

Beltsville, Md.

Mike Slavik headshot

Mike Slavik, AB ’06

Hinsdale, Ill.

Dean Yamamoto

Dean Yamamoto, BS ’87, JD ’90

Honolulu, Hawaii

At-large members

Barry Albrecht, MA ’06
St. Louis, Mo.

John Altmix, BS ’94, GB ’94
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jennifer Behr, BFA ’96
New York, N.Y.

Reginald Binford, BSBA ’03, BS ’03
New Canaan, Conn.

Alexander Borchert, BSBA ’06
Aspen, Colo.

Thomas Cheong, MBA ’13
Hong Kong

Pamela Clarke, AB ’06
Westfield, N.J.

Jayne Douglas, BS ’80
Meredith, N.H.

Andrew Glantz, BSBA ’17
St. Louis, Mo.

Avigail Goldgraber, AB ’06
Washington, D.C.

Jason Green, AB ’03
Gaithersburg, Md.

Jennifer Haynes, AB ’01, JD ’04
St. Louis, Mo.

Christine Homan, BSBA ’71
St. Louis, Mo.

Sue Ann Huang, BSBA ’09
Seattle, Wash.

William Hyman, MBA ’83
New York, N.Y.

Carl Jenkins, AB ’86
Chicago, Ill.

April Mickens Jolly, BSBA ’02
St. Louis, Mo.

Wendell Jones II, MBA ’78
Walnut Creek, Cali.

Andy Josephson, MD ’01
San Francisco, Cali.

Louis Kuchnir, MD ’97
Boston, Mass.

Jason Lewis, BSBA ’07, JD ’13
St. Louis, Mo.

Michele Liebman, BS ’86
St. Louis, Mo.

Robert Liu, MS ’88
San Francisco, Cali.

Erin Harkless Moore, BSBA ’05
Washington, D.C.

Robert Nagle, BSBA ’84
Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Ganesh Natarajan, JD ’90
Chicago, Ill.

Cheryl Perlmutter, BS ’00, PMBA ’05
St. Louis, Mo.

Mark Pydynowski, BSBA ’04
Austin, Texas

Jodi Sweed, AB ’94
Washington, D.C.

Andrew Sternad, AB ’09
New Orleans, La.

Jimmy Williams, DSc ’01
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Monique Williams, AB ’95, AB ’95, MD ’99, MS ’08
St. Louis, Mo.

Kirk Wrobley, MBA ’91
St. Louis, Mo.

Jennifer Yu, BS ’08 MD ’12 MPHS ’15
St. Louis, Mo.

Associate members

Meenakshi Bhatia, BS ’17, MS ’17
Chicago, Ill.

Alex Brooks, BS ’13
Boston, Mass.

Ellen Federbush, BSBA ’16
Chicago, Ill.

Vinoo Ganesh, BS ’13
New York, N.Y.

Claude “CJ” Harrington, AB ’17
Washington, D.C.

Kendra Kelly, MBA ’21
New York, N.Y.

Maisie Mahoney, BS ’16
Boston, Mass.

Angela Mattione, BSBA ’13
New York, N.Y.

Allison Swimmer, AB ’17
Chicago, Ill.

Arun Sundaresan, BSBA ’15, MSF ’16
St. Louis, Mo.

Nate Turk, BSBA ’19
San Francisco, Cali.

Emeritus members

Vincent Belusko, BS ’78
Rancho Palos Verdes, Cali.

Susan Block, BFA ’76
St. Louis, Mo.

Iqbal Brainch, AB ’96
Chicago, Ill.

Barbara Feiner, MBA ’83
St. Louis, Mo.

Jeff Gentsch, MBA ’86
St. Louis, Mo.

Stephen Green, MBA ’83
St. Louis, Mo.

Deborah Grossman, EMBA ’91
St. Louis, Mo.

Don Jubel, BS ’73
St. Louis, Mo.

Robert Meyer, BS ’74, MS ’76, DSc ’78
St. Louis, Mo.

Robert Mullenger, BS ’89
San Francisco, Calif.

Jeff Rosenkranz, BSBA ’84
Glencoe, Ill.

Steven Segal, BSBA ’82
Boston, Mass.

JJ Stupp, MBA ’83
Incline Village, Nev.

Alan Swimmer, AB ’82
Glencoe, Ill.

Henry Warshaw, AB ’76, MBA ’79
St. Louis, Mo.

Kelli Washington, BSBA ’94
Cleveland, Ohio

Neil Yaris, BSBA ’86
Maplewood, N.J.