Welcome to the Volunteer Networking Fundraising tool! The volunteer network fundraising portal is the one-stop destination for committee members such as yourself to contact and solicit prospects. The platform will free you from spreadsheets and paper lists to stay focused on outreach. The portal will guide you through the process, letting you know your next action as well as providing scripts and other resources at the right moment.

A quick guide to the different features on your platform

  • Notifications—Communications and announcements from WashU staff. Any new notification will appear in top left of the screen when you log in. You can also access any notifications, past or present, via the button at the top right. You will receive an email (or a push notification if enabled on the mobile app) when a message is sent.
  • Resources—A repository for any documents provided. Examples include volunteer guides, walkthroughs, committee rosters, and additional reporting.
  • My Prospects—List of the prospects that have been assigned to you. Click on the name to see the profile detail and perform your next action.
  • Dashboard—Located at the top of the page, this section allows you to monitor your progress as you work through your list. Results are instantly captured as you complete your contacts, providing feedback on your progress. The Donors chart displays the number of your assignments who have made a gift this year. The Donors Thanked chart displays the number of your assigned donors who you have thanked.
  • The Volunteer Network Fundraising mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices via each app store by searching for “Volunteer Network Fundraising.” The app provides tools similar to the web portal to help view and contact assignments, track progress, and send thank-yous.

Getting Started!

  • Confidentiality Agreement:
    Electronically submit the form required each year by WashU for your access.
  • Activation:
    Follow the link in the registration email with subject line “Activate your Volunteer Network Fundraising Account.” NOTE: Your username is your email address. You create your own password.
  • Logging in:
    Once your account is activated, you can use this link to log in anytime, or use the mobile app.

Contacting your prospects

  • From your dashboard, select a prospect by clicking on the name from your My Prospects list.
  • On the left side of the profile you can review information including contact info, major, current employer, and current and previous year giving status.
  • Click View Scripts to explore different contact methods and templates provided. Be sure to personalize the content to make each contact more meaningful!

Emails—Select your preferred email server to pull up a draft email in your browser and use the provided script.
Letters—Use the email templates as a guide to write a hand-written letter. Mailing addresses are provided.
Texts—Use this script to type a text in the text message feature of your mobile phone. In the mobile app, the text option will automatically pull up the script with the prospect’s mobile phone number.
Phone—Please find the phone script talking points under Resources to help guide your conversation.